Mobile market study

The Commission is undertaking a study of mobile markets in New Zealand under S9A of the Telecommunications Act.

We are undertaking a study of mobile telecommunications markets in New Zealand, to gain a better understanding of how mobile markets are currently performing and developing, and to consider how the mobile landscape may evolve in the future.

The study is designed to help our regulatory efforts keep pace with the rapid changes happening in mobile markets in the way services are delivered and what consumers use them for.

We have now finalised the scope of our study, and will be looking to engage with a wide range of stakeholders as part of an upcoming Issues Paper.

Project timeline

Type Description Indicative date/s
Completed Submissions on terms of reference 30/11/2017
Completed Scope paper published 27/03/2018
Consultation Issues paper published 01/06/2018 - 31/07/2018


These dates are not official and may change. Please see the Terms and Conditions for further limitations.