Telecommunications Service Obligations

TSO Cost Calculations identify the cost to the Crown for the provision of TSO services.

There are currently two TSO deeds for services:

  • Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) deed for the hearing impaired which is between the Crown and Sprint
  • Local Residential Telephone Services (LRTS) deed which is between the Crown, Telecom and Chorus

The cost of the TRS TSO is paid for by the Crown from the Telecommunications Development Levy (TDL). The Commission prepares a TRS cost calculation each year to determine how much the Crown owes for these services.

The Crown will not pay for LRTS unless the TSO provider requests a cost calculation under section 94 of the Telecommunications Act 2001.

Older TRS cost calculations can be found in the Telecommunications Archive.


Project timeline

Type Description Indicative date/s
Completed 2016/17 draft cost calculation determination issued 07/09/2017
Consultation Submissions on draft cost calculation due 14/09/2017
Final 2016/17 final cost calculation determination issued 28/09/2017


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2016/17 TRS cost calculation

07/09/2017 (1 documents)

TRS TSO draft cost calculation determination for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2016 – 7 September 2017 PDF (140 KB)
Published on 07 September 2017