Standard Terms Determinations

We issue standard terms determinations (STDs) that set out the terms on which telecommunications service providers must provide wholesale services regulated under the Telecommunications Act 2001 to other telecommunications service providers. These wholesale regulated services are used to provide retail services to end-users.

The Commission has made a number of STDs which are shown below.

Fact sheets

These fact sheets provide a summary of the STD process, how a review of the STD is carried out and guidelines for STD clarifications.

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Review of Standard Terms Determinations (STDs) Price Lists

On 10 April 2017, the Commission commenced section 30R reviews of the Price Lists of seven regulated telecommunications services’ Standard Terms Determinations (STDs).

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Unbundled Copper Local Loop and Unbundled Bitstream Access services final pricing principle

This section holds all the current information regarding the Commission's final pricing principle price review for the Unbundled Copper Local Loop (UCLL) service and the Unbundled Bitstream Access (UBA) services.

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Unbundled Copper Local Loop and Unbundled Copper Low Frequency services

The Commission has issued standard terms covering various services provided by, or relating to the access of, Chorus's unbundled copper local loop network.

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Unbundled Bitstream Access services

This section holds all the current information regarding the Commission's standard terms determination for the Unbundled Bitstream Access (UBA) service and the UBA Backhaul service.

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Mobile Termination Access Service

Mobile termination access services (MTAS) are the termination services a network operator needs to purchase to allow its subscribers to communicate with the subscribers of another mobile network. This is a designated access service.

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Mobile co-location service

The Mobile Co-location Service is a service that enables co-location of cellular mobile telephone network transmission and reception equipment on or with an access provider's transmission sites.

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Interference Management Plan

The Interference Management Plan describes the deployment rules for telecommunication services provided over the unbundled copper local loop.

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