Service deregulation reviews

The Commission can investigate regulating new wholesale telecommunications services or making changes to existing regulated services. It has to investigate, every 5 years, whether existing services can be deregulated.

After completing an investigation the Commission makes recommendations. If any changes to regulatory provisions are proposed, these have to be accepted by the relevant government Minister and then implemented.

The final reports of the most recent completed reviews are listed below. Consultation documents and older reviews can be found in the Telecommunications Archive.

Read more about the latest review of national roaming.


Review of MTAS as a designated service

21/09/2015 (1 documents)

Review of MTAS as a designated service PDF (445 KB)
Published on 21 September 2015

Review of national roaming as a specified service

20/09/2013 (1 documents)

[2013] NZCC 15 Final Decision on whether to investigate omitting National Roaming from part 3 of Schedule 1 20 September 2013 PDF (84 KB)
Published on 20 September 2013

Review of designated and specified services 2011

14/07/2011 (1 documents)

Final Decision on review of Schedule 1 services 16 September 2011 PDF (65 KB)