The Commerce Commission is an independent, quasi-judicial body, established under the Commerce Act.

The Commission is accountable to the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs for its performance. Our independence allows us to be an impartial promoter and enforcer of the law.

The Commission delivers its outputs under an Output Agreement with the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and the Minister for Communications.

Our work is funded through Vote Business, Science and Innovation.

We produce a statement of intent (SOI) at least every 3 years setting out our work programme for the following four financial years. We also produce a statement of performance expectations (SPE) annually outlining our priorities, forecast financial statements, and performance measures for the next financial year.

We report against the SOI and SPE  triannually to the government via MBIE, and annually to the government and taxpayers of New Zealand via the Annual Report.

In 2016 we finalised our 5 year vision and strategy, bringing together much of what we have been focusing on across the organisation in one document. It is future focused and provides clarity and direction around what the Commission is doing and why. Our progress towards achieving the strategy will be set out in future statements of intent and performance expectations and reported on in our annual reports.

Older accountability documents are in the online archive.


Our Vision and Strategy 2017-2022

18/10/2016 (1 documents)

Our Vision and Strategy 2017–2022 PDF (4.2 MB)
Published on 18 October 2016

2016/17 Accountability documents

09/06/2016 (2 documents)

Statement of Intent 2016-2020 PDF (3.5 MB)
Published on 09 June 2016
Statement of Performance Expectations 2016/17 PDF (2.5 MB)
Published on 09 June 2016

2015/16 Accountability documents

15/07/2016 (3 documents)

Our Statement of Intent (SOI 2014-18) was retained for 2015-16.

Commerce Commission Annual Report 2016 PDF (6.9 MB)
Published on 24 November 2016
Statement of Performance Expectations 2015/16 PDF (2.8 MB)
Published on 03 June 2015
Chief Executive expense disclosure 1 July 2015 – 30 June 2016 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (28 KB)
Published on 15 July 2016