About us

The Commerce Commission is New Zealand's primary competition regulatory agency.

We enforce legislation that promotes competition in New Zealand markets and prohibits misleading and deceptive conduct by traders. The Commission also enforces a number of pieces of legislation that, through regulation, aim to provide the benefits of competition in markets where effective competition does not exist. This includes in the telecommunications, dairy, electricity, gas pipelines and airport sectors.

The Commission is an independent Crown entity established under section 8 of the Commerce Act 1986. The Commission is not subject to direction from the government in carrying out its enforcement and regulatory control activities. The Commerce Commission's purpose is to achieve the best possible outcomes in competitive and regulated markets for the long-term benefit of New Zealanders.

Our Vision and Strategy 2017-2022

In 2016 we finalised our 5 year vision and strategy, bringing together much of what we have been focusing on across the organisation in one document. It is future focused and provides clarity and direction around what the Commission is doing and why.

Our vision is that New Zealanders are better off because markets work well and consumers and businesses are confident market participants. Our vision and strategy outlines the three strategies we will follow over the next 5 years to achieve this.

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Our Priorities 2017-2018

As part of our commitment to greater transparency and increasing the public's understanding of what we do and how we do it, we publish our priorities for each financial year. There are a number of areas the Commission will always regard as a priority due to the potential significant impact on consumers, businesses or markets in New Zealand. Alongside these enduring priorities we are committed to targeting a small number of focus areas where we have identified a need for greater scrutiny. Our priorities will be published annually each July.

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Our values


We produce excellent work that stands up to scrutiny. We continually look for ways to improve. We recruit and retain excellent people and support their development.


Our independence inspires the trust and confidence of New Zealanders. We are fair, honest and impartial.


We answer to New Zealanders for the work we do and the money we spend. We take individual responsibility to deliver what we say we will.


We work together, support and respect each other. We value the diversity of people and their opinions.

Good judgement

We understand the environment in which we operate and the impact of our actions. What we do is relevant and useful. We are proactive and flexible and look for common sense solutions.

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The legislation

A brief summary of legislation the Commerce Commission enforces

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Commission structure

The Commerce Commission's structure

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Commission members

The Governor-General, on the recommendation of the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, appoints Commission members for their knowledge of, and experience in, areas relevant to the Commission's interests. The Telecommunications Commissioner is appointed on the recommendation of the Minister for Communications and Information Technology.

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Senior Leadership Team

Information about the Commerce Commission's Senior Leadership Team.

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The Commission produces a Statement of Intent and a Statement of Performance Expectations and report against these via the Annual Report. Performance is measured against a set of Output Measures.

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Performance updates

The Commission is committed to publically releasing updates on our performance every four months. The updates show our key highlights from the period and how we are progressing towards our performance targets.

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Relationships with other agencies

While the Commerce Commission is an independent crown entity, to achieve our outcomes we often need to work cooperatively with other agencies and organisations. These Memorandums of Understanding formalise our cooperation agreements.

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International relations

The Commerce Commission is part of a global network of similar competition law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

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Decisions register

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Commission submissions

Commission submissions on Government consultations.

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