Local and mobile number portability

This determination covers local and cellular telephone number portability, which are both regulated services under the Telecommunications Act 2001.

Number portability enables a customer to switch telecommunications providers while retaining the same telephone number.

Local and cellular telephone number portability are both regulated by a determination under the Telecommunications Act 2001. Our current December 2016 determination is set to expire in December 2021.

On 25 August 2016 we initiated the process for making a new determination by notifying parties to any future determination in writing and requesting comments.

On 22 September 2016 we decided to investigate making a new determination. As part of our investigation we considered a proposal from the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF), which on behalf of the industry, had proposed a range of changes to the LMNP Terms for number portability. We also sought and received feedback from the Enforcement Agency for number portability and the Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ).

On 3 November 2016, we published our draft determination, and proposed to in effect continue the regulation of number portability services for both local and mobile telephone numbers for another five years. We also proposed several changes from the current determination.

On 19 December 2016, we published our final determination.

Copies of the final determination, notification to parties and decision to investigate, consultation documents, and a clarification request of LMNP terms can be found below.

Historic information regarding local and mobile number portability can be found in the Telecommunications Archive.