Consumer information standards

Consumer information standards regulations require the disclosure to a specified standard of certain information about goods and services. The regulations are enforced by the Commission under section 28 of the Fair Trading Act.

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Read an overview of product safety and consumer information standards.

The standards

Currently there are five consumer information standards regulations. They are for:

All businesses must ensure that they are aware of the requirements of any consumer information standards regulations that are relevant to them. It is a breach of the Fair Trading Act to fail to comply with the requirements.

Consumer information standards regulations are available from selected bookshops or on the New Zealand Legislation website. Any relevant standards referred to in the regulations can be purchased from Standards New Zealand by calling 0800 STANDARDS (0800 782 632) or via its website.

The published factsheets are only a guideline and do not include the detail that is contained in the standards and regulations.

Consumer information standards – Know your responsibilities as a trader

This guide provides a short summary of the consumer information regulations and standards.

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Care labelling

The purpose of the care labelling consumer information standard is to make sure that:

  • consumers are aware of the method and cost of caring for textile products when they are buying them
  • a cleaner can confidently use the information to take care of the textiles
  • the textile's life is not shortened by inappropriate care information or no information
  • the textile is not damaged or destroyed by inappropriate care.

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Clothing and footwear country of origin labelling

The Consumer Information Standard (Country of Origin (Clothing and Footwear) Labelling) Regulations 1992 created a consumer information standard which makes it mandatory for all new clothing or footwear supplied in New Zealand to be labelled with information that clearly states the country where the items were made or produced.

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Fibre content labelling

Consumers need to have accurate information about the fibre content of the clothing or textiles they buy to make sure the items can be used and cared for appropriately.

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Used motor vehicles

The Consumer Information Standards (Used Motor Vehicles) Regulations 2008 requires a properly completed Consumer Information Notice (CIN) to be attached to all used motor vehicles offered or displayed for sale by a used motor vehicle trader.

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Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS)

The Consumer Information Standards (Water Efficiency) Regulations 2017 mean certain products supplied or physically displayed for supply in New Zealand must display water efficiency rating labels.

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