Clearances Register

The Clearances Register contains a full list of all applications for clearance received by the Commission, along with written reasons for the Commission's decisions.

Applicant Transferor Registered Status
Trade Me Limited Limelight Software Limited 11/07/2017 Decision due 5/09/2017
Essilor International (Compagnie Générale d’Optique) S.A. and Luxottica Group S.p.A 10/07/2017 Due date to be advised
Healthcare of New Zealand Holdings Limited Geneva Healthcare Limited and its related companies, Geneva Clean Limited, My Skill Limited, Geneva Health Technology Limited and Geneva Care Limited 29/06/2017 Decision due 25/08/2017
Tronox Limited National Titanium Dioxide Company Limited 26/06/2017 Decision due 21/08/2017
Spark New Zealand Trading Limited TeamTalk Limited 20/03/2017 Withdrawn 13/04/2017
Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited Tower Limited 03/03/2017 Decision due 26/07/2017
Aon New Zealand Fire Protection Inspection Services Limited 08/11/2016 Declined 2/03/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 3
Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH Merial, the animal health business of Sanofi SA 02/08/2016 Cleared 13/09/16 Decision [2016] NZCC 18
Wallace Group Limited Partnership Wallace Corporation Limited, Farm Brands Limited and Keep It Clean Limited 26/07/2016 Cleared 19/10/16. Decision [2016] NZCC 21
Vodafone Europe B.V. Sky Network Television Limited 29/06/2016 Declined 22/02/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 1
Sky Network Television Limited Vodafone Europe B.V. 29/06/2016 Declined 22/02/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 2
H.B. Fuller Company Australia Pty Limited Advanced Adhesives (New Zealand) Limited 18/02/2016 Cleared 20/04/2016 Decision [2016] NZCC 8
Fletcher Building Holdings New Zealand Limited Higgins Group Holdings Limited 18/02/2016 Cleared 07/07/2016 Decision [2016] NZCC 14
Coty Inc. The Procter and Gamble Company 23/12/2015 Cleared 22/02/2016 Decision [2016] NZCC 4
Spark New Zealand Trading Limited Craig Wireless Spectrum Operations Limited and Woosh Wireless Holdings Limited 18/12/2015 Cleared 23/03/2016 Decision [2016] NZCC 7
Tennex Capital Limited San-i-pak Limited 21/10/2015 Declined 29/02/16 Decision [2016] NZCC 5
Rheem New Zealand Limited Peter Cocks (2010) Limited 15/10/2015 Cleared 03/02/2016 Decision [2016] NZCC 2
Vocus Communications Limited M2 Group Limited 09/10/2015 Cleared 4/12/15 Decision [2015] NZCC 33
Evolution Healthcare (NZ) Pty Ltd Medusa Limited & Royston Health Trust Board 19/08/2015 Cleared subject to a divestment undertaking 21/09/2015 Decision [2015] NZCC 22
Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited Tournament Parking Limited 14/08/2015 Cleared 11/11/15 Decision [2015] NZCC 30