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Statement of preliminary issues for FedEx’s application to acquire TNT

14 August 2015

The Commerce Commission has published a statement of preliminary issues relating to an application from FedEx Corporation to acquire all of the shares in TNT Express N.V.

The statement of preliminary issues outlines the key competition issues that the Commission currently considers will be important in deciding whether or not to grant clearance.

The Commission invites submissions from parties who consider that they have information relevant to the Commission’s consideration of this matter. Submissions can be sent to with the reference FedEx /TNT in the subject line of your email or to PO Box 2351, Wellington 6140 by close of business Wednesday 26 August 2015.

The Statement of Preliminary Issues and public version of the application can be found on the Clearances Register.


FedEx is a USA-based company that provides global transportation and e-commerce services, including international air delivery services through its subsidiary Federal Express Corporation.

In New Zealand, FedEx provides inbound and outbound international air delivery services for both small packages and freight. FedEx operates one weekly flight into and out of Auckland but most of its inbound and outbound business is carried by third-party commercial airlines.  

TNT is a Netherlands-based company that provides international delivery services for small packages and freight to over 200 countries.

In New Zealand, TNT provides inbound and outbound international air delivery services for goods ranging from documents and small packages to palletised freight. Unlike FedEx, TNT does not operate any aircraft into or out of New Zealand. Instead it uses a variety of third party commercial airlines to transport its consignments.