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Commission files further court proceedings in livestock case

5 November 2015

The Commerce Commission has filed court proceedings against Rural Livestock Limited for alleged price fixing in connection with the introduction of the National Animal Identification Tracing Act 2012 (NAIT Act).

The Commission alleges Rural Livestock and other livestock companies breached the Commerce Act by establishing three pricing agreements prior to the NAIT Act coming into force on 1 July 2012. The Commission alleges agreements were made to:  

  • fix the price of tagging un-tagged cattle at sale yards
  • increase yard fee charges
  • increase stock and station agent charges by introducing an administration fee for NAIT-related costs.

The Commission and Rural Livestock have agreed on a settlement to resolve the proceeding. A penalty hearing in the Auckland High Court will be scheduled shortly.

The Commission will not comment further until the court proceedings against Rural Livestock have concluded.   

The Commission filed court proceedings making similar allegations against PGG Wrightson, Elders New Zealand and five individuals in August 2015. Settlements have not been agreed in those proceedings, which remain before the courts.