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Commission files court proceedings in waste oil case

29 September 2015

The Commerce Commission has filed proceedings against Enviro Waste Services Limited and one individual for attempted anti-competitive conduct in relation to the collection of waste oil in the upper South Island.

The Commission alleges that Ben’s Oil, a division of Enviro Waste based in Nelson, attempted to form an agreement with a competitor in September 2012 to reduce competition for existing customers in the waste oil collection market, in breach of the Commerce Act.

The individual included in court proceedings is an Enviro Waste employee.

The Commission, Enviro Waste and the individual have agreed on a settlement to resolve the proceeding. A penalty hearing in the Auckland High Court will be scheduled shortly.

The Commission will not comment further until court proceedings have concluded.         


Waste oil is the left-over lubricant oil generally used in petrol and diesel engines and hydraulics. When engine oil is changed it can be collected and recycled.  Waste oil collection service providers refine waste oils into light fuel oil. The end product can then be sold as fuel for furnaces, boilers or some heating systems. The approximate volume of waste oil collected per year in the upper South Island is over 700,000 litres.