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Compliance February 2000 Edition PDF (132 KB) This issue of Compliance gives a guide to how an effective product recall should be carried out. All businesses involved in producing, importing, distributing or retailing goods covered by product safety standards should develop and record their procedure for product recalls, and should train their key staff in carrying out the procedure.
Compliance July 2000 Edition PDF (218 KB) This issue of Compliance presents the Commerce Commission's guidelines on how we believe corrective advertising should be published.
Compliance March 2000 Edition PDF (37 KB) The Commerce Commission is implementing a publicly available leniency policy. Leniency means that the Commission may decide to take a lower level of enforcement action or no action at all, against an individual or a business in exchange for their assistance and full co-operation with an investigation (or investigations).
Compliance November 2000 Edition PDF (480 KB) The Commerce Amendment Bill is currently before Parliament, and is expected to be passed by the end of December 2000. The Bill foreshadows a change in the test for assessing business acquisitions and mergers under section 47 of the Commerce Act.
Fair's Fair August 2000 Edition PDF (114 KB) In his foreword to the Annual Plan 2000-2001 Commerce Commission Chair John Belgrave states: "This year is likely to see the biggest changes to the Commerce Commission's responsibilities since its inception as a stand-alone agency in 1986".
Fair's Fair December 2000 Edition PDF (97 KB) In August, the Commerce Commission released its policy on when it will consider granting leniency in exchange for information. The Commission will only consider applying its leniency policy if the information was provided before it started an investigation.
Fair's Fair March 2000 Edition PDF (76 KB) I welcome opportunities to discuss with business and consumer interests how the Commerce Commission will be prioritising our work for the future. We value our relationships with you"” relationships I want to continue to develop.


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Compliance April 1999 Edition PDF (119 KB) This issue of Compliance sets out the criteria the Commerce Commission uses to decide if it will start an investigation, and what enforcement action it will take at the end of an investigation.
Compliance February 1999 Edition PDF (55 KB) This year, the Commerce Commission has decided that one of its key activities will be helping local authorities understand the Commerce Act. Overall, local authorities own a large proportion of the country's assets and their trading activities have considerable impact on the economy.
Compliance October 1999 Edition PDF (68 KB) This issue of Compliance presents an overview of the Commerce Commission's role in enforcing the Electricity Industry Reform Act 1998 in the 16 months since it took effect.
Fair's Fair January 1999 Edition PDF (204 KB)
Fair's Fair March 1999 Edition PDF (61 KB) I stated when I was appointed Chairman of the Commerce Commission in April last year that I wanted the position for only one year. That time has almost gone and I will be ending my term at the Commission at the end of this month.
Fair's Fair May 1999 Edition PDF (113 KB) On April 30 the Auckland High Court ordered Elanco, which is the animal health division of Eli Lilly & Company (NZ) Limited, and Chemstock Animal Health Limited to pay total penalties of $700,000 after they admitted price fixing.
Fair's Fair November 1999 Edition PDF (73 KB) Recent criminal prosecution of Diane Stephanie Burton and Brian Charles Carson as the partners who ran Folio Model and Talent Management have set important precedents for all partnerships.
Fair's Fair September 1999 Edition PDF (57 KB) Sellers of genetically modified (GM) food must be aware that claims that comply with the soon to be introduced New Zealand/Australian standard for labelling GM food may not necessarily comply with the Fair Trading Act.


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Compliance April 1998 Edition PDF (118 KB) At their heart, the product safety standards made mandatory by the Fair Trading Act are about preventing injury and death. They cover the flammability of nightclothes, the safety of bicycles, and the safety of toys for young children.
Compliance August 1998 Edition PDF (164 KB) Few businesses are undergoing as much drastic change as those in the financial services industry. The behaviour of customers has changed, traditional boundaries between sectors within the industry are disappearing, and competition has become intense.
Compliance December 1998 Edition PDF (123 KB) "Small print cannot save a representation from being misleading." The quote is from the judge who found a nation-wide retailer guilty of breaching the Fair Trading Act. The judge ignored the small print and looked at the impression the advertising made on the customer.
Compliance February 1998 Edition PDF (81 KB) This issue of Compliance looks at Fair Trading Act issues raised by cross-border commerce. It outlines the strategy that has been adopted by the Commerce Commission, and includes comment from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the New Zealand Direct Marketing Association.
Compliance June 1998 Edition PDF (60 KB) The Commerce Commission frequently receives calls from business people querying a seller's right to say, "No, I will not do business with you." This issue of Compliance looks at the answers to those queries, firstly in general terms and then in relation to longterm contracts.
Compliance October 1998 Edition PDF (70 KB) This issue of Compliance explains the Commission's additional roles and responsibilities under the Electricity Industry Reform Act 1998 (EIR Act) and its approach to meeting them.
Fair's Fair January 1998 Edition PDF (93 KB) As was announced at the end of last year, I resign as Chairman of the Commerce Commission at the end of January, and will take up the position of Secretary of the Treasury.
Fair's Fair July 1998 Edition PDF (87 KB) The limitation periods and levels of penalties under the Acts are currently being reviewed by the government, and the Commission has definite views on these issues. We have made submissions to the Government stating these views in detail and I summarise these views as follows:
Fair's Fair March 1998 Edition PDF (83 KB) The Commerce Commission will continue with "business as usual" while it waits for the Minister of Commerce to announce its new Chairman.
Fair's Fair November 1998 Edition PDF (57 KB) The Commerce Commission will continue to focus attention on the health sector and has identified four issues to which it will pay particular attention. These are:
Fair's Fair September 1998 Edition PDF (98 KB) Recent Commerce Commission court actions have increased the highest penalties to date under the Commerce Act by 11 times to $5.5 million and have almost doubled the highest Fair Trading Act fines.


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Compliance April 1997 Edition PDF (95 KB) For this, the second issue of Compliance, the Commission has considered that the focus should be on some of New Zealand's largest businesses - central and local government organisations.
Compliance August 1997 Edition PDF (92 KB) This issue of Compliance aims to help businesses protect themselves from what is proving to be a significant problem in New Zealand: false invoices. The practice is costing businesses millions of dollars a year, and can undermine healthy competition.
Compliance December 1997 Edition PDF (106 KB) A major characteristic of this industry is that access to an incumbent's essential facility network is necessary for new entrants to compete in the provision of upstream or downstream services. In New Zealand a light-handed approach is taken to the regulation of such utilities.
Compliance June 1997 Edition PDF (301 KB) The Commerce Act prohibits business acquisitions that result in dominance being acquired or strengthened in any market. This issue of Compliance explains the Commerce Commission's procedures for investigating clearance and authorisation applications, what is dominance and how markets are defined.
Fair's Fair July 1997 Edition PDF (1.3 MB) Should the Commerce Xommission do more or less? More litigation or more settlements? Should more resources be devoted to Commerce Act or to Fair Trading Act matters?
Fair's Fair November 1997 Edition PDF (117 KB) Visit the Commerce Commission web site and see on line: media releases, public register, publications list (and order copies on line), Commerce Act guide, Fair Trading Act guide
Fair's Fair September 1997 Edition PDF (148 KB) The conviction of the Prudential Assurance Company of New Zealand broke new ground and underlines that the Fair Trading Act is of wide application, applying to employment issues as well as goods and services.
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