Unbundled Copper Local Loop and Unbundled Copper Low Frequency services

This section covers all standard terms determinations to services relating to the Unbundled Copper Local Loop.

Unbundled Copper Local Loop (UCLL)

The UCLL service enables access to, and interconnection with, Chorus’ copper local loop network.

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Unbundled Copper Low Frequency (UCLF)

The UCLF service is a service that enables access to, and interconnection with, the low frequency band (being the frequency between 300 and 3400 Hz) in Chorus’ copper Local Loop Network.

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UCLL Co-location

The Co-location service is a service that provides co-location facilities for an Access Seeker’s equipment, and access to the handover point, at Chorus’s local telephone Exchange.

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UCLL and UCLF Backhaul

The UCLL and UCLF BackhaulsService provide transmission capacity in Chorus’ Network between the Local Exchange Handover Point and the ASNAPOI Handover Point.

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Sub-loop services

Sub-loop services are services that are necessary to connect a cabinet to an end user premises. The services covered are sub-loop UCLL, co-location and backhaul.

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