Mobile Termination Access Service

Mobile termination access services (MTAS) are the termination services a network operator needs to purchase to allow its subscribers to communicate with the subscribers of another mobile network. These services are voice termination services and SMS (text) termination services.

Mobile termination rates (MTRs) are the wholesale prices mobile networks charge for terminating MTAS (calls or texts) from another fixed or mobile network.

MTAS became a designated access services under the Telecommunications Act 2001 on 24 September 2010. The current standard terms determination (STD) for MTAS can be found below.

The Commission monitors the mobile market to determine whether cost-based MTRs are addressing the competition concerns that were considered in the MTAS STD decision. These reports can be found on the Monitoring reports page.

The Review of the MTAS STD monitoring requirements varies the MTAS STD by deleting the requirement for mobile network operators to provide monthly information. See paragraphs 564 to 569, and Appendix 11 of the STD for more information.

Removing these requirements to provide information does not mean we will no longer monitor competition in mobile markets. We are of the view that the monitoring of mobile markets is now more appropriately achieved within the scope of our section 9A functions. Under section 9A we are required to monitor competition in, and the performance and development of, telecommunications markets. We also make available reports, summaries and information about the information gathered, as appropriate.

Historic information, including reports on the initial investigation into MTAS, and subsequent reconsideration reports and consultations, can be found in the Telecommunications Archive.


Review of the MTAS STD monitoring requirements – final decision

19/05/2016 (1 documents)

[2016] NZCC 11 Review of the MTAS STD monitoring requirements – Final determination – 19 May 2016 PDF (403 KB)
Published on 19 May 2016

Review of the MTAS STD monitoring requirements – draft decision

07/01/2016 (1 documents)

Review of the MTAS STD monitoring requirements – Draft determination – 7 January 2016 PDF (888 KB)
Published on 07 January 2016