Review of National Roaming

Mobile roaming allows customers of one mobile network to use another network when they are outside their own provider’s coverage area. 

Schedule 1 of the Telecommunications Act contains the wholesale services we have the power to regulate.

The Commission currently has the power to require the country’s three mobile network operators: Spark, Vodafone, and 2Degrees to provide wholesale access to their networks for a period of time to any new network operator. This regulation would enable a new operator to quickly expand its coverage beyond its own initial physical network.

Under the Act, we are required once every 5 years to consider whether there are reasonable grounds to commence an investigation into the deregulation of certain services, including national mobile roaming.

We have released our preliminary view to retain the power to regulate national mobile roaming, should it be required in the future. We believe the power to regulate remains an important competition safeguard, especially with 5G networks and potential new entrants on the horizon.

Project timeline

Type Description Indicative date/s
Completed Preliminary view published 09/07/2018
Consultation Submissions on preliminary view due 30/07/2018
Final Final decision published 04/09/2018


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Preliminary view

09/07/2018 (1 documents)

Review of National Roaming – Preliminary view – 9 July 2017 PDF (272 KB)
Published on 09 July 2018