Monitoring reports and studies

The Commission monitors many aspects of the telecommunications market and has conducted studies on various parts of the market.

The Commerce Commission has market monitoring responsibilities that include:

  • monitoring competition in, and the performance and development of, telecommunications markets
  • conducting inquiries, reviews, and studies relating to the telecommunications industry for the long-term benefit of end-users of telecommunications services in New Zealand.

The Commission has to make available reports or summaries of its monitoring activities.

Broadband monitoring

As well as undertaking its own monitoring, the Commission sometimes contracts other parties to undertake studies or monitoring. We are currently in negotiations with a preferred provider to supply broadband testing and reporting on behalf of the Commission and hope to announce the successful provider shortly.

Mobile market study

The Commission is undertaking a study of mobile markets in New Zealand under S9A of the Telecommunications Act.

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Monitoring reports

Monitoring reports produced by the Commission.

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Telecommunications wholesale pass-through study

The Commission regulates the wholesale inputs that are required to supply broadband services and retail fixed-line voice services.

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Study of telecommunications backhaul services

The Commission is undertaking a study to improve its understanding of backhaul services under S9A of the Telecomunciations Act.

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Study of business mobile market segment

The Commission undertook a study to improve its understanding of the business mobile market.

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