Industry codes

The Telecommunications Industry Forum may submit draft telecommunications access codes to the Commission for approval.

These codes may cover:

  • Procedures and requirements in respect of the implementation of access principles for designated and specified services
  • The functions that must be performed by a system for determining a designated multi-network service, and the standard to which those functions must be performed.

Codes may be voted on by any party assessed by the Commission as being an eligible person.

Historic information regarding industry codes can be found in the Telecommunications Archive.


Current version of the Telecommunications Carriers Forum Customer Transfer Code

(2 documents)

The Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum (TCF) Code for the Transfer of Customer Services is an industry code approved under Schedule 2 of the Telecommunications Act 2001. This code regulates the transfer of services for a specified group of telecommunications services.

TCF Code for Transfer of Telecommunications Services PDF (740 KB)
Published on 26 February 2013
Letter of Approval for TCF 2012 Code for Transfer of Telecommunications PDF (1.4 MB)
Published on 26 February 2013