Electricity distributors’ performance from 2008 to 2011

Our analysis of electricity distributors’ performance from 2008 to 2011 covers key performance aspects of interest to customers, including revenue, demand, service reliability, and expenditure on the network. The analysis shows trends and comparisons across the industry as a whole, and for individual businesses.

The Overview of electricity distributors' performance 2008-2011 covers the first four chapters of the full analysis including:

  • An overview of the New Zealand electricity industry
  • The role of electricity distributors
  • The role of the Commerce Commission
  • Summary of performance across the electricity distribution sector as a whole from 2008 to 2011.

The full analysis report includes the chapters for each individual electricity distributors' performance. All dollar figures in our analysis are adjusted for inflation and expressed in 2011 dollars.

Individual electricity distributors' performance

This map sets out the regions that the electricity distributors cover. You can read a summary of performance and download the full analysis for each individual electricity distributor by clicking on the associated link below the map.



1. Top Energy 2. Northpower 3. Vector 4. Counties Power 5. Powerco 6. WEL Networks
7. Waipa Networks
8. Horizon Energy 9. Eastland Network 10. The Lines Company
11. Unison Networks
12. Centralines 13. Scanpower 14. Electra 15. Wellington Electricity
16. Nelson Electricity
17. Network Tasman 18. Buller Electricity 19. Marlborough Lines
20. MainPower
21. Westpower 22. Orion 23. Electricity Ashburton 24. Alpine Energy
25. Network Waitaki
26. Aurora Energy 27. OtagoNet 28. The Power Company
29. Electricity Invercargill

Image source: This map contains Critchlow Limited copyright data.