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Electricity default price-quality path

Electricity distribution services default price-quality path determination 2015 – consolidating all amendments as of 26 March 2015 Read more
Final default price-quality path for electricity distribution businesses 2015-2020 Read more
Final Incremental Rolling Incentive Scheme (IRIS) input methodology amendments for EDBs and Transpower Read more
Final input methodology amendments for electricity distribution default price quality paths (Type 1 and 2) Read more
Compliance requirements – 2016 to 2020 assessment periods Read more

Electricity information disclosure

Electricity distribution information disclosure determination 2012 – consolidated 3 April 2018 Read more
Electricity distribution information disclosure determination 2012 (consolidated in 2015) – 24 March 2015 Read more
EDB information disclosure due dates for 1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018
Read more
Information disclosure requirements for electricity distribution businesses under Part 4 of the Commerce Act Read more

Fact sheets

Draft default price-quality path for electricity distributors

This fact sheet provides some background to the default price-quality path regulatory scheme, and the Commission’s approach to setting the default price-quality path.

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Customised price-quality regulation

This fact sheet provides an overview of customised price-quality regulation under the Commerce Act. With a focus on electricity distribution and gas distribution and transmission businesses, it explains why a business might apply for a customised price-quality path and the process that is involved.

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Electricity and the Commerce Commission's role

Read an overview of the Commerce Commission's role in the electricity industry – what we can and can't do under the Fair Trading and Commerce Acts.

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