Customised price-quality paths

A supplier that is, or is likely to be, subject to a default price-quality path may make a proposal to the Commission for a customised price-quality path.

Under Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986 (the Act) non-exempt electricity distribution businesses (EDBs) and  gas pipeline services (GPBs) are subject to default/customised price-quality regulation.   The purpose of default-customised price-quality regulation is to provide a relatively low-cost way of setting price-quality paths for suppliers of regulated services, while allowing suppliers the opportunity to propose alternative price-quality paths that better meet their particular circumstances.


Customised price-quality regulation fact sheet

This fact sheet provides an overview of customised price-quality regulation under the Commerce Act. With a focus on electricity distribution and gas distribution and transmission businesses, it explains why a business might apply for a customised price-quality path and the process that is involved.

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Submitting a customised price-quality path proposal

How to submit a customised price-quality path proposal.

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Customised price-quality path consultation and determination timeframe

The Commission is seeking guidance from the High Court on the timeframe for determining a customised price-quality path (CPP) under sections 53T(2) and 53ZA(1) of the Commerce Act 1986.

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CPP decisions and proposals

The Commission has received two CPP proposals to date, one from Orion in 2013 and one from Powerco in 2017.

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