Regulated Industries

In markets where there is little or no competition, the Commerce Commission may need to regulate the price and quality of goods and services to benefit consumers.

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The New Zealand telecommunications market is guided by the Telecommunications Act 2001 which regulates the supply of certain telecommunications services. Our role is to implement, monitor and enforce this legislation.

Input methodologies

Input methodologies involve setting upfront regulatory rules, processes, requirements and evaluation criteria for services that are regulated under Part 4 of the Commerce Act.


The Commerce Commission has both an enforcement and adjudication role under Subpart 5 of Part 2 of the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001.

Gas pipelines

The Commission's role in the gas sector includes a default/customised price-quality path regime to be applied in conjunction with an information disclosure regime to gas pipelines services.


The companies operating Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington International Airports are subject to information disclosure regulation, following regulatory provisions of Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986 (the Act) from 14 October 2008.

Pan industry projects

Pan industry projects are concerned with generic issues that are central to the way the Commerce Commission regulates industries since the introduction of the Commerce Amendment Act 2008.

Part 4 inquiries

Find out more on current and previous inquiries and preliminary assessments, and information on the general process for inquiries under Part 4.

Regulatory calendar

The Regulatory calendar shows the timelines for key deadlines in active Regulatory projects.

Fact sheets

These fact sheets relate to our regulated industries.