Fair Trading media releases

July 2018

Car dealership tried to avoid CGA responsibilities with ‘as is where is’ ads

19 July 2018

An Auckland motor vehicle trader has been fined $75,000 over misrepresenting consumers’ rights when selling used vehicles online, and for failing to display essential vehicle information.

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Different name, same stuff - LuxStyle becomes Digital Sourcing

13 July 2018

The Commerce Commission is alerting the public to be wary when browsing for products online on sites operated by Digital Sourcing, formerly known as LuxStyle, a company based in Denmark.

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Prolific online sellers beware – fine for failing to disclose ‘in trade’ status

11 July 2018

A Palmerston North man has been fined $5,000 on three charges under the Fair Trading Act for failing to disclose his trader status when selling items on the internet, and for selling an unsafe cot online.

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Spark charged over billing issues and offer to new customers

9 July 2018

The Commission has laid 11 charges against Spark New Zealand Trading Limited (Spark) alleging it made false or misleading representations relating to its billing and a $100 offer for new customers.

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PB Technologies charged for its extended warranties and warned for bait advertising

3 July 2018

PB Technologies Ltd (PB Tech) has pleaded guilty to 14 charges brought by the Commerce Commission for failings in its extended warranty agreements.

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