Enforcement Response Register

This register contains warnings, settlements and judgments since 1 January 2014 under the Fair Trading Act 1986, the Commerce Act 1986, and the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.

It does not contain all enforcement responses before this date or enforcement responses withheld under the Official Information Act 1982.

Please note that judgments will be published as we receive them from the Court. This can sometimes be several months after the relevant hearing.

Selected Judgments

Enforcement Response Guidelines

Our guidelines describe how the Commission enforces New Zealand's fair trading, competition and credit contract laws.

Parties Act/Section Description Resolution Year
Telecom New Zealand Limited Fair Trading Act 11 Misleading advertising statements in relation to its broadband at dial-up prices promotion, particularly the disclosure of the 12 month contract term and data allowance associated with the basic broadband plan. Settlement 2010
Methven Limited Fair Trading Act 13(e) Misleading advertising statements over conventional shower water flow being 20L per minute, when majority of NZ showers have a water flow of between 6-10ml per minute. Judgment 2010
Kenneth James Ross Fair Trading Act 13(i) Alleged that some aircraft and performers stated in advertising will not be apearing at the airshow. Criminal charges also laid by Police. Judgment 2010
Southern Cross Finance Limited CCCF Act 41, 42 In a settlement with the Commerce Commission, Southern Cross Finance Limited has admitted charging unreasonable loan establishment fees and will refund just under $700,000 to 250 customers it overcharged between July 2006 and October 2009. Settlement 2010
Interchange: Visa International Service Association and Visa Worldwide Pte Limited, MasterCard International Incorporated , ANZ National Bank Limited, ASB Bank Limited, Bank of New Zealand, Kiwibank Limited and New Zealand Post Limited, TSB Bank Limited, The Warehouse Financial Services Limited, Westpac New Zealand Limited Commerce Act 27, 30 Alleged agreements between banks and card schemes to set the amount of the interchange fee, provide the rules of operation of card schemes, limiting entry into the card services market and other related provisions, thereby controlling the level of the merchant service fee paid by retailers Settlement 2010
Telecom Corporation of NZ Limited and Xtra Limited Fair Trading Act 13(g) Alleged misleading consumers by wrongly billing over 130,000 new broadband customers Settlement, $9.5 million in refunds paid to affected customers 2010
A) Invercargill Property Management Limited (IPM), B) Newfoundland Limited, C) Southern Housing Limited, D) CMA Property Investments Limited Fair Trading Act 14(1)(b) Alleged breaches of section 14(1)(b) by IPM by making representation that were false or misleading as to the nature of the interest that the IPM scheme occupiers acquire in the properties. A) Fined $38,500 and $25,000 reparation B) Fined $13,500 and $10,955 reparation C) Fined $10,500 and $5,000 reparation D) Fined $40,000 and $42,290 reparation Judgment 2010
Telecom New Zealand Limited Fair Trading Act 11 Misrepresentation concerning Go Large plan and the speed available for broadband users. Fines $500,000. Judgment 2010
A) Discount Premium Holidays Limited B) Devang Parikh Fair Trading Act 13(a)

Commerce Act 103
A) False and misleading claims surrounding a holiday voucher scheme. Fined $209,000; court costs $4,940; solicitor fees $7,500. B) Attempting to mislead the Commerce Commission. Fined $7000; costs $260. Judgment 2010
Beneficial Finance Limited Fair Trading Act 13(e), 13(i) Alleged misleading representation as to the terms and conditions of a credit related insurance policy Settlement 2010
Cash Converters CCCF Act 41 Alleged that the creditor is charging unreasonable credit fees, including a data management fee Settlement 2010
Medical Mortgages Limited Fair Trading Act 13(i) Alleged that trader discloses that it uses the safe harbour formula, but actually charges the swap break cost. Settlement 2010
Gisborne farmers market Commerce Act 30 Collusion to control prices of fruit at the Gisborne farmers market Settlement 2010
Wood Chemicals - Koppers Arch Commerce Act 27, 27 via s 30 Breach of s27 and s27 via s30 in the timber preservatives industry by sharing prices, price fixing, collusion, and bid rigging by four companies and seven executives during a 4 year period from 1998 Discontinued after penalties 2010
The Warehouse Limited Fair Trading Act 10, 13(a), 19(2) Trader pleaded guilty to multiple breaches of the Fair Trading Act and has been fined a total of $209,600. The charges related to The Warehouse misleading consumers about the advertised price of goods, using bait advertising, making false claims that certain products were 'exclusive to The Warehouse' and false labelling on some of their duvets. Judgment 2009
Big Blue Limited Fair Trading Act 13(a), 13(e) Misleading customers by claiming its product was '100% Pure New Zealand Mineral Water' and making false scientific claims about the benefits of its supposedly 'energised mineral water', which was really just processed tap water Judgment 2009
Eden Office Seating Fair Trading Act 13(j) Misleading representations concerning the place of origin of goods. Fine $5000, costs $2500, court costs $130. Judgment 2009
Farmers Trading Company Limited Fair Trading Act 10 Misleading conduct that a television was new when in fact it had been returned for repair by a previous customer a year earlier. Fine $10,000, costs $130. Judgment 2009
Redpaths Furniture Limited Fair Trading Act 13(g) Represented 'regular' price was not true and had not been charged for six months or more. Recent price established, before sale, was less than represented 'regular' price. Fine $28,000 ($1,000 per charge), court costs $3640 ($130 per charge). Judgment 2009
Peter Linton t/a Charitables Op Shop Fair Trading Act 11 Misleading consumers about the nature of a charity shop. Reparation $10,000. Judgment 2009