Enforcement Response Register

This register contains warnings, settlements and judgments since 1 January 2014 under the Fair Trading Act 1986, the Commerce Act 1986, and the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.

It does not contain all enforcement responses before this date or enforcement responses withheld under the Official Information Act 1982.

Please note that judgments will be published as we receive them from the Court. This can sometimes be several months after the relevant hearing.

Selected Judgments

Enforcement Response Guidelines

Our guidelines describe how the Commission enforces New Zealand's fair trading, competition and credit contract laws.

Parties Act/Section Description Resolution Year
Farmers Trading Company Limited Fair Trading Act 10 Misleading conduct that a television was new when in fact it had been returned for repair by a previous customer a year earlier. Fine $10,000, costs $130. Judgment 2009
Redpaths Furniture Limited Fair Trading Act 13(g) Represented 'regular' price was not true and had not been charged for six months or more. Recent price established, before sale, was less than represented 'regular' price. Fine $28,000 ($1,000 per charge), court costs $3640 ($130 per charge). Judgment 2009
Peter Linton t/a Charitables Op Shop Fair Trading Act 11 Misleading consumers about the nature of a charity shop. Reparation $10,000. Judgment 2009
The Pawn Shop CCCF Act 17, 42 Alleged that creditor is charging unreasonable credit fees and not providing initial disclosure on payday loans Settlement 2009
TrustPower Limited Fair Trading Act 11 Misleading its customers about the nature of a power bill review service. Fined $17,000. Judgment 2009
Brownlie Brothers Limited Fair Trading Act 13(a), 13(j) Misleading representations as to the country of origin of fruit juice. Fined $45,000, costs ordered $6780. Judgment 2009
Phonographic Performances NZ Limited (PPNZ) Commerce Act 27 Alleged anti-competitive agreement between New Zealand's central copyright licensor and major copyright owners of sound recordings and music videos Settlement 2009