Buy-back transactions

Note: New Zealand credit law has changed. This information relates to contracts entered into before 6 June 2015. We are progressively updating our guidance to reflect these changes.

Buy-back transactions overview

This fact sheet provides an overview of what a buy-back transaction is and explains the rules and consumer protections that apply to this type of transaction.

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This page provides an overview of what disclosure is and why it is important. It explains what disclosure a lender must give a borrower and when.

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Oppressive contracts - protections for borrowers

This fact sheet provides an overview of how borrowers and guarantors are protected from oppression and explains a court's power to deal with oppressive contracts or behaviour.

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What happens if a lender breaches the CCCF Act?

This fact sheet provides an overview of the penalties a lender can face if they breach the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act and explains what remedies are available to borrowers.

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