Clearances Register

The Clearances Register contains a full list of all applications for clearance received by the Commission, along with written reasons for the Commission's decisions.

Applicant Transferor Registered Status
Atlas Copco South Pacific Holding Pty Limited Ash Air Businesses (from Lancaster Group Limited) 01/04/2014 Decision due 16/06/2014
BlueScope Steel (NZ) Ltd Fletcher Steel Limited 24/02/2014 Cleared 16/04/2014 Decision [2014] NZCC 8
IAG (NZ) Holding Limited Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.) Limited 20/12/2013 Decision due 30/04/2014
USG Corporation and Boral Limited 04/12/2013 Cleared 20/02/2014 Decision [2014] NZCC 4
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Life Technologies Corporation 07/11/2013 Cleared subject to a divestment undertaking 19/12/2013 Decision [2013] NZCC 26
Bauer Media Group (NZ) LP APN Specialist Publications NZ Limited 01/11/2013 Cleared 23/01/2014 [2014] NZCC 1
Vodafone New Zealand Limited The Crown 10/10/2013 Withdrawn 27/01/2014
Telecom New Zealand Limited The Crown 04/10/2013 Decision due 30/05/2014
Menzies Aviation (New Zealand) Limited SkyStar Airport Services NZ Pty Limited 22/08/2013 Cleared 15/10/2013 Decision [2013] NZCC 17
King Pharmacy Group Limited Community Pharmacy Limited 15/08/2013 Cleared 03/09/2013 Decision [2013] NZCC 14
Property IQ New Zealand Limited Terralink International Limited 16/07/2013 Cleared 29/11/2013 Decision [2013] NZCC 22
SKYCITY Entertainment Group Limited Otago Casinos Limited 21/05/2013 Cleared 16/07/2013 Decision [2013] NZCC 11
Baxter International Inc Gambro AB 15/03/2013 Cleared subject to a divestment undertaking 30/07/2013 [2013] Decision NZCC 13
Perry Metal Protection Limited CSP Coating Systems (a Division of Fletcher Steel Limited) 24/12/2012 Withdrawn 24/05/2013
Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA and Pearson plc 20/12/2012 Cleared 19/03/2013 Decision [2013] NZCC 6
Hamilton Radiology Limited Medimaging Limited 30/11/2012 Declined 28/03/2013 Decision [2013] NZCC 7
Vector Limited Contact Energy Limited 25/10/2012 Cleared 26/04/2013 Decision [2013] NZCC 9
Bligh Finance Limited Hire Equipment Group Limited 16/10/2012 Cleared 21/02/2013 Decision [2013] NZCC 2
CSR Building Products (NZ) Limited Brickworks Building Products (NZ) Pty Limited 31/08/2012 Cleared 10/10/2012 Decision NZCC 30
Vodafone New Zealand Limited Telstra Corporation Limited 13/07/2012 Cleared 29/10/2012 Decision NZCC 33
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited New Zealand Dairies Limited 06/07/2012 Cleared 06/09/2012 Decision NZCC 21
Universal Music Holdings Limited EMI Group Global Limited 19/03/2012 Cleared 21/06/2012, Decision NZCC 14
Canterbury SCL Limited MedLab South Limited 01/03/2012 Cleared 22/03/2012 Decision NZCC 8
Visy Industries Australia Pty Limited and VPRS Limited HP Industries Holding Limited and HP Industries (New Zealand) Limited 02/02/2012 Cleared 30/03/2012 Decision NZCC 9
epay New Zealand Limited Ezi-Pay Limited, EFTDATA Holdings Limited and Compass Communications Limited 17/01/2012 Declined 15/06/2012 Decision NZCC 13
IAG New Zealand Holdings Limited AMI Insurance (operations) Limited 20/12/2011 Cleared 29/02/2012 Decision NZCC 6
Pact Group Pty Limited Pacific BBA Plastics (NZ) Limited and Viscount Plastics (NZ) 04/10/2011 Cleared subject to a divestment undertaking 10/05/2012 Decision NZCC 11
iSite Limited O.T.W. Advertising Limited 25/08/2011 Cleared 29/09/2011 Decision 734
GEA Process Engineering A/S Nu-Con Limited 11/07/2011 Cleared 24/08/2011 Decision 730
Seagate Technology PLC Samsung Electronics Co. Limited 05/07/2011 Cleared 15/12/2011 Decision 741.
Matariki Forests Selwyn Plantation Board Limited 22/06/2011 Cleared 28/09/2011 Decision 733
New Zealand Comfort Group Limited Dunlop Living Limited 05/05/2011 Cleared 24/06/2011 Decision 726
Waters & Farr Fletcher Concrete & Infrastructure Limited 08/02/2011 Cleared 03/03/2011 Decision 720
Fletcher Building (Australia) Pty Limited Crane Group Limited 22/12/2010 Cleared 24/02/2011 Decision 719
Christchurch International Airport Limited Craddocks Car Storage 07/12/2010 Cleared 27/01/2011 Decision 716
Sonoco New Zealand Limited T.T.L Pacific Limited 23/11/2010 Cleared 03/02/2011 Decision 717
PMP Print Limited APN Print NZ Limited 05/11/2010 Cleared 16/12/2010 Decision 708
TEC Projects Limited Tecpak Industries Limited 19/10/2010 Cleared 18/11/2010 Decision 702
AsureQuality Limited and Proficiency Services Limited 15/10/2010 Cleared 24/11/2010 Decision 703
Sanford Limited Pacifica Seafoods Group of companies 29/09/2010 Cleared 11/11/2010 Decision 701
Scandinavian Tobacco Group Swedish Match 21/06/2010 Cleared 22/09/2010 Decision 699
Preformed Line Products Company Electropar Limited 20/05/2010 Cleared 24/06/2010 Decision 695
AMP Limited AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Limited 30/04/2010 Cleared 18/06/2010 Decision 694
Tomarata Sand Limited Coastal Resources Limited 13/04/2010 Cleared 25/06/2010 Decision 696
Novartis AG Alcon, Inc. 01/04/2010 Cleared 6/5/2010 Decision 692
Hoyts Corporation Holdings (NZ) Limited Berkeley Cinema Group 17/03/2010 Cleared 21/04/2010 Decision 691
Frucor Beverages Limited Simply Squeezed Holdings Limited 07/07/2009 Cleared 25/08/2009 Decision 680
Pfizer Inc Wyeth Corp 09/06/2009 Cleared: 20/08/2009 Decision 678
Fullers Group Limited Kiwi Kat Limited 05/06/2009 Cleared 30/06/2009 Decision 674
Schering-Plough Corporation Merck & Co., Inc. 20/05/2009 Cleared: 20/08/2009 Decision 667
Media Monitors Pty Limited Chong Bureau Limited 22/01/2009 Cleared: 19/02/2009 Decision 664
Fletcher Building Limited Stevenson Group Limited 19/12/2008 Cleared 13/02/2009 Decision 663
David Ferrier and/or New Zealand Woolscourers Ltd / Cavalier Wool Holdings Ltd Godfrey Hirst 12/12/2008 Cleared 06/03/2009 Decision 666
Coca-Cola Amatil NZ Limited Baker Halls Business 05/12/2008 Cleared 28/01/2009 Decision 662
Salmon Smolt New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited 08/10/2008 Cleared: 30/10/2008 Decision 659
ISS Holdings NZ Limited Chubb New Zealand Limited 01/10/2008 Cleared 06/11/2008 Decision 660
CSR Building Products (NZ) Limited Ross Roofing 02/07/2008 Cleared 27/08/2008 Decision 648
Shell New Zealand Limited Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited 23/06/2008 Cleared: 10/10/2008 Decision 655
Tegel Foods Limited Brinks Group of companies 22/05/2008 Declined: 22/10/2008 Decision 658
Redeal Limited Egley Electrical Co Limited & Egley Electrical Petone Limited 16/05/2008 Cleared: 12/06/2008 Decision 645
Telecom New Zealand Limited The Crown 07/04/2008 Cleared: 11/04/2008 Decision 640
Flint Group Holdings Siegwerk New Zealand Limited 03/04/2008 Cleared 14/05/2008 Decision 642
Southern Cross Health Trust Aorangi Hospital Limited 31/03/2008 Declined 04/09/2008 Decision 650
Vita New Zealand Limited Pacific Brands Holdings (NZ) Limited 10/03/2008 Cleared: 24/04/2008 Decision 641
Crane Group Limited RX Plastics Limited 20/02/2008 Withdrawn 11/03/2008
New Zealand Investment Holdings Limited RX Plastics Limited 11/02/2008 Cleared: 03/04/2008 Decision 639
Telecom Leasing Limited The Crown 29/01/2008 Cleared: 07/03/2008 Decision 635
Vodafone Mobile NZ Limited The Crown 17/01/2008 Cleared: 14/02/2008 Decision 634
Air Liquide New Zealand Limited ASCOGAS Limited 12/12/2007 Cleared 13/02/2008 Decision 663
Sumitomo Forestry Co Limited Carter Holt Harvey Rangiora (Building Supplies Division) 26/11/2007 Declined: 203/03/2008 Decision 637
DFS Group Limited The Nuance Group 22/11/2007 Declined 28/03/2008 Decision 638
Cadmus Technology Limited Provenco Group Limited 21/11/2007 Cleared 05/02/2008 Decision 632
Pacific Radiology Limited Wellington Radiology Limited 17/10/2007 Cleared: 20/12/2007 Decision 631
Cavalier Corporation Limited Norman Ellison Holdings Limited 10/10/2007 Cleared 14/11/2007
A&R Whitcoulls Group Holdings Pty Limited Borders New Zealand Limited 24/09/2007 Cleared 20/11/2007
Transpacific Industries Group (NZ) Ltd Enviro Waste Services Ltd (Dunedin) 22/08/2007 Cleared: 31/10/2007 Decision 624
Transpacific Industries Group (NZ) Ltd Enviro Waste Services Ltd (Christchurch) 22/08/2007 Cleared: 31/10/2007 Decision 625
Transpacific Industries Group (NZ) Limited Enviro Waste Services Ltd (Timaru & Oamaru) 17/08/2007 Cleared: 31/10/2007 Decision 623
Transpacific Industries Group (NZ) Ltd Enviro Waste Services Ltd (Blenheim & Nelson) 16/08/2007 Cleared: 31/10/2007 Decision 622
Transpacific Technical Services (NZ) Limited Medi-Chem Waste Services Limited (chemical smalls business) 14/08/2007 Cleared: 15/08/2007 Decision 613
Transpacific Technical Services (NZ) Limited Medi-Chem Waste Services Limited (sovlents business) 14/08/2007 Cleared: 30/08/2007 Decision 616
New Zealand Post Limited & Salmat International Pty Limited Letterbox Channel Limited & Deltarg Distribution Systems Limited 06/08/2007 Cleared: 12/09/2007 Decision 617
Southern Cross Health Trust QE Hospital Limited (QE Health) 03/08/2007 Cleared 28/09/2007
ST Cigar Group Holding B.V. B.V.Schimmelpenninck Sigarenfabrieken & Tabacofina - Vander Elst NV 13/07/2007 Cleared: 17/08/2007 Decision 614
Schering-Plough Corporation Organon BioSciences N.V. (Akzo Nobel N.V.) 05/07/2007 Cleared: 04/10/2007 Decision 621
Transpacific Technical Services (NZ) Limited Medi-Chem Waste Services Limited 21/02/2007 Withdrawn: 13/08/2007
Woolworths Limited The Warehouse Group Limited 17/01/2007 Declined: 08/06/2007
Goodman Fielder Limited River Mill Bakeries Limited 17/01/2007 Cleared 15/03/2007
Carter Holt Harvey Limited Lakesawn Lumber Limited 17/01/2007 Cleared 09/05/2007
Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd, Foodstuffs (Wellington) Co-operative Society Ltd and Foodstuffs (South Island) Ltd The Warehouse Group Limited 21/12/2006 Declined 08/06/2007
BOC Limited Shell New Zealand Limited 18/12/2006 Cleared 21/02/2007
Transpacific Industries Group (NZ) Limited Enviro Waste Services Limited 14/12/2006 Declined: 30/05/2007
Elite Truck Rentals Limited ORIX Truck Rental (division of ORIX New Zealand Limited) 06/12/2006 Cleared 02/03/2007
Owens Corning Compagnie de Saint-Gobain 17/11/2006 Cleared: 20/12/2006
Fulton Hogan Limited GJ Beynon Contracting Limited 20/10/2006 Cleared 19/12/2006
Johnson & Johnson Pfizer Consumer Healthcare 29/09/2006 Cleared 08/12/2006
Solid Energy New Zealand Limited Newvale Coal Co Limited 21/09/2006 Cleared 10/11/2006
Toll Owens Limited John Ray Limited 06/09/2006 Cleared: 11/10/2006
CRBF Limited Carter Holt Harvey Limited 30/08/2006 Cleared 05/10/2006
Verticon Group Limited Boyd Crane Hire Limited 21/08/2006 Withdrawn: 04/09/2006
Hancock Natural Resource Group Inc Carter Holt Harvey Limited 10/08/2006 Cleared 27/09/2006
Godfrey Hirst NZ Limited Feltex Carpets Limited 02/08/2006 Cleared 31/08/2006
ORIX New Zealand Limited Truck Leasing Limited (Esanda FleetPartners) 07/07/2006 Cleared: 21/07/2006
Lion Nathan Limited Independent Liquor (NZ) Limited 03/07/2006 Cleared: 24/08/2006
GE Fleet New Zealand Custom Fleet (NZ) Limited 07/06/2006 Cleared 05/07/2006
Visy Plastics (NZ) Limited Vertex Group Holdings Limited & Alto Plastics Limited 03/04/2006 Cleared: 28/06/2006
Portacom New Zealand Limited Rhino Portable Buildings Limited 08/03/2006 Cleared: 05/04/2006
New Zealand Bus Limited Mana Coach Services Limited 16/01/2006 Withdrawn: 15/03/2006
Wellington Labco (new company to be formed) Wellington Pathology Limited / Valley Diagnostic Laboratories Limited 07/12/2005 Cleared: 31/01/2006
Sky Network Television Limited Prime Television New Zealand Limited 25/11/2005 Cleared: 08/02/2006
GE Finance and Insurance Pacific Retail Services Ltd/Pacific Finanical Ltd/Montreal Financial Services Ltd & Simply Insurance NZ Ltd 18/11/2005 Cleared 18/01/2005
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited Kapiti Fine Foods Limited & United Milk Limited 18/11/2005 Cleared 23/02/2006
Reckitt Benckiser plc Boots Group PLC 31/10/2005 Cleared: 30/11/2005
Gallagher Holdings Limited Greyson Gates Limited 31/10/2005 Cleared 30/11/2005
Essilor New Zealand Limited Prolab (Wellington) Limited 10/10/2005 Cleared 24/11/2005
Essilor New Zealand Limited Optical Laboratories NZ Limited 10/10/2005 Cleared 24/11/2005
Telecom New Zealand Limited Counties Power Limited 06/10/2005 Withdrawn: 23/11/2005
Energy Market Services Limited The Marketplace Company Limited 26/09/2005 Declined 20/12/2005
Fairfax New Zealand Limited Times Media Group Limited 07/09/2005 Cleared 14/10/2005
Bluebird Foods Limited Hansells (NZ) Limited 31/08/2005 Cleared 05/10/2005
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited Rank Group Limited 29/08/2005 Cleared 09/11/2005
CanWest RadioWorks Limited Radio FM Spectrum Licences 03/08/2005 Cleared 31/08/2005
Withdrawn Withdrawn 13/07/2005 Withdrawn: 27/07/2005
Pyne Gould Guinness Limited Wrightson Limited 05/07/2005 Cleared: 31/08/2005
Fletcher Concrete & Infrastructure Limited W Stevenson & Sons Limited 21/06/2005 Declined 15/09/2005
Hawke's Bay Newco/Canterbury Newco/O&S Newco (Otago & Southland) New Zealand Diagnostic Group Limited / Sonic Healthcare Limited 16/06/2005 Declined 29/09/2005
Fortune Brands Inc Pernod Ricard S.A. 13/06/2005 Cleared 08/07/2005
Pernod Ricard Allied Domecq 10/06/2005 Cleared: 13/07/2005
PPCS Limited Venison Rotorua Limited 21/04/2005 Cleared: 13/05/2005
Red Bus Limited Leopard Coachlines Limited 12/04/2005 Cleared: 28/06/2005
Provet NZ Pty Limited National Veterinary Supplies Limited 29/03/2005 Cleared: 06/05/2005
The Southern Cross Health Trust Auckland Surgical Centre Limited 24/12/2004 Cleared 17/02/2005
Sanford Limited Simunovich Fisheries Limited 24/11/2004 Cleared: 26/01/2005
Gallagher Holdings Limited Tru-Test Corporation Limited 15/11/2004 Declined 23/02/2005
Fonterra Co-Operative Group Limited National Foods Limited 04/11/2004 Cleared 10/12/2004
Carter Holt Harvey Limited Tenon Limited 02/11/2004 Cleared 21/12/2004
Vector Limited NGC Holdings Limited 12/10/2004 Cleared
B & D Doors (NZ) Limited Dominator International Limited 12/10/2004 Cleared 12/11/04
Southern Cross Oxford Hospital Ltd Oxford Clinic (Christchurch) 11/10/2004 Cleared 11/11/2004
Vehicle Testing New Zealand Ltd On Road New Zealand Limited 01/10/2004 Cleared: 17/11/2004
iSOFT NZ Limited Hewlett-Packard New Zealand 23/08/2004 Cleared 29/09/2004
ABF Overseas Limited Burns Philp & Company Limited Group 02/08/2004 Cleared 27/08/2004
Port of Tauranga Ltd/Toll Holdings Ltd ("NewCo") Owens Cargo Company Ltd/Toll Logistics Ltd and Leonard and Dingley Ltd 22/06/2004 Cleared: 24/09/2004
VisyPET (NZ) Limited Visy Industrial Plastics (NZ) Limited 14/06/2004 Cleared: 30/06/2004
Colgate-Palmolive Company Campbell Brothers Limited 04/06/2004 Cleared 21/07/2004
IAG New Zealand Limited Mike Henry Travel Insurance Limited 25/05/2004 Cleared 24/06/2004
Gallagher Holdings Limited Tru-Test Corporation Limited 19/05/2004 Declined 26/08/2004
Bondor New Zealand Limited Long International Limited 03/05/2004 Declined 22/07/2004
CB Norwood Distributors Limited CNH Australia Pty Limited (Case IH) 26/04/2004 Cleared 18/05/2004
Sky City Entertainment Group Ltd Aspinall New Zealand Ltd 15/04/2004 Cleared: 18/05/2004
Atlas Group Limited Southward Engineering Ltd 08/04/2004 Cleared 04/05/2004
Visy Industrial Plastics Ltd ACI Operations Ltd 23/03/2004 Cleared: 26/06/2004
Niro A/S Colby Systems Ltd 27/02/2004 Cleared: 30/03/2003
Pacific Radiology Ltd Wakefield Radiology Ltd 23/01/2004 Cleared: 26/02/2004
MediMedia (NZ) Limited Adis International Limited 24/11/2003 Cleared: 18/12/2003
New Zealand Motel Federation Incorporated (Best Western) Pacifica Lodges & Inns Society Limited 17/11/2003 Cleared: 04/12/2003
Holcim New Zealand Limited Atlas Resources Limited 09/10/2003 Cleared 20/11/2003
MiTek New Zealand Limited Pryda New Zealand and Reid New Zealand Limited 06/10/2003 Declined: 13/11/2003
Todd Pohokura Limited OMV New Zealand Limited 19/09/2003 Cleared: 22/09/2003
ITW New Zealand Limited Pryda and Reid New Zealand Limited 17/09/2003 Cleared 09/10/2003
MiTek New Zealand Limited Pryda New Zealand and Reid New Zealand 02/09/2003 Withdrawn: 12/09/2003
Schneider Electric Australia Holdings Pty Limited Clipsal 26/08/2003 Cleared: 07/10/2003
South Pacific Seeds Pty Limited Yates Limited 25/08/2003 Cleared: 25/09/2003
Westpac Banking Corporation National Bank of New Zealand Limited 18/08/2003 Withdrawn: 12/09/2003
Withdrawn Withdrawn 18/08/2003 Withdrawn:
ANZ Banking Group (New Zealand) Ltd The National Bank of New Zealand Ltd 14/08/2003 Cleared 25/09/2003
Bungy New Zealand Limited Pipeline Bungy 03/07/2003 Cleared 24/07/2003
Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety NZ Limited Paykel Limited 03/06/2003 Cleared: 26/06/2003
Portacom New Zealand Limited Transportables 16/05/2003 Cleared: 30/05/2003
Procter & Gamble Distributing New Zealand Wella New Zealand Limited 14/05/2003 Cleared: 10/06/2003
Pfizer Laboratories Limited Pharmacia Limited Company 18/03/2003 Cleared: 03/04/2003
Southern Capital Limited Hirepool Limited 19/02/2003 Cleared: 06/03/2003
Wakefield Hospital Limited Bowen Hospital Limited 24/12/2002 Cleared: 19/02/2003
Burns Philp & Company Limited Goodman Fielder Limited 18/12/2002 Cleared 21/02/2003
Gribbles Group Limited Alpha Scientific Limited 29/11/2002 Cleared 03/02/2003
Genesis Power Limited Natural Gas Corporation 18/11/2002 Cleared 04/02/2003
Contact Energy Limited Natural Gas Corporation Holdings Limited 18/11/2002 Cleared 04/02/2003
Val Morgan & Co (Aust) Pty Limited Media Entertainment Group Limited 15/11/2002 Cleared: 18/12/2002
Brambles New Zealand Limited GE Capital Returnable Packaging Systems Limited 02/11/2002 Declined 21/03/2003
Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ) Limited Rio Beverages Limited 18/10/2002 Cleared 01/11/2002
The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) Rio Beverages Limited 18/10/2002 Cleared 01/11/2002
Custom Fleet (NZ) Limited Hertz Fleetlease Limited 16/10/2002 Cleared 31/10/2002
Vodafone Mobile NZ Limited Her Majesty the Queen in right of the Government of New Zealand 27/09/2002 Cleared: 01/11/2002
Genesis Power Limited Natural Gas Corporation 10/09/2002 Cleared 26/09/2002
Cendant Corporation (Avis New Zealand) Budget Group Inc (Budget New Zealand) 05/09/2002 Cleared 07/11/2002
Genesis Power Limited Energy On Line Ltd 05/09/2002 Cleared 09/10/2002
Gardner Smith Limited Bulk Storage Terminals Limited 31/07/2002 Withdrawn 28/08/2002
Vector Limited UnitedNetworks Limited 26/07/2002 Cleared
Natural Gas Corporation Holdings Limited UnitedNetworks Limited 19/07/2002 Cleared: 23/08/2002
Consolidated Extrusions MCK Group Ltd and MCK Pacific Pty Ltd 12/07/2002 Cleared 14/08/2002
Firth Industries (Division of Fletcher Concrete and Infrastructure Ltd) Gill Construction Co Limited 09/07/2002 Cleared 26/07/2002
Fletcher Challenge Forests Central North Island Forest Partnership 08/07/2002 Cleared 14/08/2002
Red Bus Limited Leopard Coachlines Limtied 01/07/2002 Declined: 30/07/2002
Reyrolle Pacific Holdings Limited VA Tech Reyrolle Pacific Limited 07/06/2002 Cleared: 02/07/2002
Marstel Terminals Pty Limited Bulk Storage Terminals Limited 22/05/2002 Withdrawn: 08/08/2002
Anchor Investments Limited Grated Cheese Co Limited 15/04/2002 Cleared 29/04/2002
GE Capital Finance Australasia Pty Limited Australian Guarantee Corporation (NZ) Limited 04/04/2002 Cleared 24/04/2002
Hewlett Packard Company Compaq Computer Corporation 14/02/2002 Cleared 28/02/2002
National Food Limited New Zealand Dairy Foods Limited 08/02/2002 Declined: 22/03/2002
Shell New Zealand Limited The Gas Company Limited (TGC) 04/02/2002 Cleared: 01/03/2002
Mainland Products Limited Southern Fresh Milk Company Limited 19/12/2001 Cleared: 14/02/2002
SC Johnson Commercial Markets Inc Conopco Inc 10/12/2001 Cleared 18/01/2002
Paloma Industries Limited Southcorp Water Heaters NZ Limited 07/12/2001 Cleared: 18/01/2002
Port Of Tauranga Limited Owens Services BOP Limited 07/12/2001 Cleared: 08/02/2002
New Zealand Bus Limited Wellington Regional Rail Limited 23/11/2001 Declined: 19/12/2001
New Zealand Bus Limited Wellington Regional Rail Limited 23/11/2001 Cleared: 10/04/2002
Dunedin Electricity Limited Otago Power Limited 21/11/2001 Cleared 06/12/2001
MICO Wakefield Limited MasterTrade Limited 16/11/2001 Cleared: 06/12/2001
Wilson & Horton Limited Powerplant Productions Limited 16/11/2001 Cleared: 06/12/2001
The Ascot Hospital and Clinics Limited Mercy Hospital Auckland Limited 15/11/2001 Cleared: 14/12/2001
Telstra Corporation Limited Clear Communications Limited 07/11/2001 Cleared: 07/12/2001
Progressive Enterprises Limited Woolworth (New Zealand) Limited 24/10/2001 Declined: 13/12/2001
Shell Overseas Holdings TAWN Deep 24/08/2001 Cleared: 26/10/2001
United Environmental Limited Solvent Services Limited 24/08/2001 Cleared: 05/10/2001
Canterbury Meat Packers Limited Phoenix Meat Company Limited 10/08/2001 Cleared 31/08/2001
PMI Mortgage Insurance Australia (Holdings) Pty Limited CGU Lenders Mortgage Insurance Limited 02/07/2001 Cleared: 30/07/2001
Computershare Registry Services Limited BT Portfolio Services (NZ) Limited 22/05/2001 Cleared 28/06/2001
Caltex New Zealand Limited Challenge Petroleum Limited 22/05/2001 Cleared 28/06/2001
Progressive Enterprises Limited Woolworths (NZ) Limited 22/05/2001 Cleared: 13/07/2001
Lowe Corporation Limited Colyer Mair Limited (Richina Pacific Limited) 17/05/2001 Cleared: 27/07/2001
Solid Energy New Zealand Limited Todd Coal Limited 14/05/2001 Cleared 28/06/2001
Withdrawn Withdrawn 14/05/2001 Withdrawn:
NewCo Merino New Zealand Limited/Wrightson Limited 11/05/2001 Cleared: 07/06/2001
Natural Gas Corporation Holdings Limited AGL NZ Energy Limited 08/05/2001 Cleared: 08/06/2001
Howard Smith Limited OPSM Protector Limited 07/05/2001 Cleared 28/06/2001
Fletcher Building Products Limited Carter Holt Harvey Doors (Carter Holt Harvey Limited) 04/05/2001 Cleared 31/05/2001
Nelson Pine Industries Limited Rayonier MDF New Zealand 04/05/2001 Cleared: 31/05/2001
Mainland Products Limited Southern Fresh Milk Company Limited 17/04/2001 Declined: 18/05/2001
McCain Foods (NZ) Limited Heinz Watties Limited 12/04/2001 Cleared: 11/05/2001
Steel & Tube Holdings Limited Fletcher Steel Limited 05/04/2001 Construction
Carter Holt Harvey Limited Central North Island Forest Partnership 30/03/2001 Cleared 05/07/2001
Telecom NZ Limited 2 GHZ Spectrum 02/03/2001 Cleared: 15/03/2001
Pacific Dunlop Holdings (NZ) Limited Sara Lee Apparel (NZ) Limited 22/02/2001 Cleared: 13/02/2001
Fletcher Steel Limited Steel & Tube Holdings Limited 14/02/2001 Cleared 21/03/2001
Television and Media Services Limited Media Entertainment Group Limited 07/02/2001 Cleared: 06/04/2001
Carter Holt Harvey Limited (International Paper) Norske Skogindustrier ASA 31/01/2001 Cleared 22/03/2001
Armourguard Security Limited (Tyco Group SARL) Inacro Limited (Group 4 Falck A/S) 31/01/2001 Cleared 22/02/2001
Zuelling Pharma Limited (Interpacific Holding Limited) Sigma NZ Limited (Sigma Company Limited) 14/12/2000 Cleared: 02/02/2001
P&O Cold Logistics (NZ) Limited/Eskimo Logistics Group Limited (Peninsula & Oriental Steam Navigation Company) Eskimo Logistics Group Limited/ELG Properties Limited Greenstone Fund Limited) 07/12/2000 Cleared: 15/02/2001
BOC Gases New Zealand Limited (BOC Group plc) ASCO Carbon Dioxide Limited (ASCO Kohlensaeure AG) 05/12/2000 Declined 02/02/2001
Paperlinx Limited Spicers Paper Limited 04/12/2000 Cleared: 20/12/2000
Milburn New Zealand Limited ("Holderbank" Financiere Glaris Limited of Switzerland) Isaac Concrete Limited (Isaac Construction Company Limited) 29/11/2000 Cleared: 26/01/2001
James Hardie NZ Limited (James Hardie Industries Limited (AUS) is ultimate parent) Long International Limited (Arrow International Group Limited is the ultimate parent) 24/11/2000 Cleared 15/12/2000
Vodafone Mobile New Zealand Limited (Vodafone Group Plc) 2GHz Spectrum 15/11/2000 Cleared: 08/12/2000
Lion Nathan Limited Montana Group (NZ) Limited 30/10/2000 Cleared: 08/12/2000
Shell Overseas Holdings Limited Fletcher Challenge Energy Limited 20/10/2000 Cleared: 17/11/2000
Portacom New Zealand Limited (WACO International Limited) Portable Buildings Limited 18/10/2000 Cleared: 02/11/2000
Southern Cross Medical Care Society Aetna Health (NZ) Limited (Aetna Inc) 18/09/2000 Cleared 13/10/2000
Confidential 17/09/2000 Withdrawn
Cremation Society Of Canterbury Limited Harewood Memorial and Crematorium Limited 30/08/2000 Cleared 07/09/2000
Southern Cross Medical Care Society Aetna Health (NZ) Inc (Aetna Inc) 30/08/2000 Declined 13/09/2000
Etex Holding BV (SA Etex Group NV) Keyplas Limited (Milnes Holdings Limited) 28/08/2000 Cleared 11/09/2000
Shell Exploration Company BV (Royal Dutch Petroleum Company/Shell Transport and Trading Company PLC) Fletcher Challenge Energy Limited (Fletcher Challenge Limited) 21/08/2000 Declined 13/10/2000
Montana Group (NZ) Limited Corbans Wines Limitd (DB Group Limited) 11/08/2000 Cleared: 06/09/2000
Reindeer Investments Pty Ltd Harding Licensing Systems Ltd 02/08/2000 Cleared: 17/08/2000
Southern Cross Medical Care Society Aetna Health (NZ) Limited (Aetna Incorporated (USA)) 18/07/2000 Declined 25/08/2000
Smithkline Beecham plc Glaxo Wellcome plc 07/07/2000 Cleared: 01/09/2000
Solid Energy New Zealand Limited (The Crown) Francis Mining Limited (Mr B S Francis) 26/06/2000 Cleared 04/08/2000
Independent News Auckland Limited "New Zealand Fisherman" (Review Publishing Company Limited) 26/05/2000 Cleared 16/06/2000
Mainland Products Limited (Kiwi Co-operative Dairies Limited) Nelson Milk Company Limited 23/05/2000 Cleared: 07/06/2000
BP Amoco plc Burmah Castrol plc 05/05/2000 Cleared 26/05/2000
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (New Zealand Interests) Colonial Limited (Australia) (New Zealand Interests) 26/04/2000 Cleared 10/05/2000
CGU plc and Norwich Union plc (UK parents of New Zealand Insurance and State Insurance) (Merger under Scheme of Arrangement) 04/04/2000 Cleared 09/05/2000
Polarcup (NZ)Limited (Huhtamaki Van Leer Oyi(Finland)) Carter Holt Harvey Limited (Plastic Packaging Business) (International Papaer Company (USA)) 03/04/2000 Declined: 20/04/2000
EFG Services Limited Carter and Associates (1995) Limited 20/03/2000 Cleared 03/04/2000
New Zealand Seafood Investments Limited Sealord Group 03/03/2000 Cleared: 03/04/2000
Team Talk Limited Telecom New Zealand Limited (Fleetlink Business) 18/02/2000 Authorised: 15/05/2000
Medical Waste Group Limited (Nuplex Industries Limited) San-I-Pak (NZ) Limited 08/02/2000 Declined: 16/03/2000
Pacific Dunlop Holdings(NZ) Limited LWR Hosiery and Underwear Limited R&WH Symington Limited 08/02/2000 Cleared: 23/02/2000
Natural Gas Corporation Holdings Limited (The Australian Gas Light Company) TransAlta New Zealand Limited (TransAlta Energy Corporation of Canada) 26/01/2000 Cleared 17/03/2000
Air Products and Chemicals Inc (USA) L'Air Liquide SA (France) BOC Group Limited 13/12/1999 Cleared 23/12/1999
UnitedNetworks Limited (UtiliCorp United Inc (USA) Orion New Zealand (gas assets) (Christchurch City Council) 13/12/1999 Cleared: 23/12/1999
Medical Waste Group Limited San-I-pak(NZ)Limited 03/12/1999 Declined: 19/01/2000
Fletcher Challenge Steel Products Limited Steel and Tube Holdings Limited 24/11/1999 Cleared 10/12/1999
TeamTalk Limited Telecom New Zealand Limited (Mobile Communications) 09/11/1999 Declined: 03/12/1999
Fletcher Challenge Steel Products Limited Steel and Tube Holdings Limited 07/10/1999 Declined 04/11/1999
Spotless Services (NZ) Limited P & O Catering and Services (NZ) Limited (P & O Australia Limited) 26/08/1999 Cleared: 09/09/1999
Richmond Limited Waitotara Meat Company Ltd (Waitotara Farmers Holding Company Limited) 23/08/1999 Cleared: 06/09/1999
On Road New Zealand Vehicle Testing New Zealand Limited 18/08/1999 Cleared: 30/08/1999
Tourism Holdings Limited Britz NZ Rentals Ltd and Backpacker Campervans Ltd 03/08/1999 Cleared: 13/08/1999
Kalanda Enterprises Pty Swan Metal Skirtings Pty Limited 30/07/1999 Cleared 27/08/1999
Motor Trade Association (Incorporated) Vehicle Testing New Zealand Limited 23/07/1999 Cleared: 06/08/1999
Turners and Growers Limited United Flower Auction Limited 05/07/1999 Cleared: 15/07/1999
The Australian Gas Light Company Natural Gas Corporation Holdings Limited 26/05/1999 Cleared 10/06/1999
Waste Management (NZ) Limited (Waste Management Inc (USA)) Waste Care Limited (Sita SA (France)) 26/05/1999 Cleared: 09/06/1999
Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Limited Turoa Ski Resort Limited (Cairngorm Securities Pty Limited) 14/05/1999 Declined: 14/06/1999
Waste Management (NZ) Limited (Waste Management Inc (USA)) Waste Care Limited (Suez Lyonnaise des Waux (France)) 13/04/1999 Declined: 14/05/1999
Sigma Company Limited Amcal Chemists Marketing Limited 19/03/1999 Cleared: 06/04/1999
Kroma Colour Prints Limited Zanda Laboratories Limited (Kodak New Zealand Limited) 24/02/1999 Cleared: 10/03/1999
Fulford Radiology Services Limited Taranaki Healthcare Limited and Fulford Radiology Limited 24/02/1999 Cleared 19/03/1999
United Networks Limited (UtiliCorp NZ Incorporated) TransAlta New Zealand Limited (TransAlta Corporation of Canada) 11/02/1999 Cleared: 11/03/1999
P&O Nedlloyd Limited (P&O Nedlloyd Containers Lines Limited) Tasman Express Line Limited 02/02/1999 Cleared: 26/02/1999
Alliant International New Zealand Limited (Interstate Energy Corporation (USA)) Contact Energy Limited (The Crown) 01/02/1999 Cleared 12/02/1999
RII Weyerhaeuser World Timberfund LP Carter Holt Harvey Limited (Nelson forestry assets) 21/01/1999 Declined: 19/02/1999
The Australian Gas Light Company Contact Energy limited (The Crown) 20/01/1999 Withdrawn 11/02/1999
Kiwi Co-operative Dairies Limited South Island Dairy Co-operative Limited 20/01/1999 Declined 26/02/1999
TransAlta New Zealand Limited (TransAlta Corporation of Canada) Contact Energy Limited (The Crown) 15/01/1999 Cleared: 12/02/1999
Sky City Limited (Brierley Investments Limited) Riverside Casino Limited 23/12/1998 Cleared: 28/01/1999
Mainland Products Limited (Kiwi Co-operative Dairies) Food Solutions Group Limited (Brierley Investments Limited) 09/12/1998 Cleared 21/12/1998
Massey University (The Crown) Auckland College of Education (The Crown) 07/12/1998 Cleared: 24/12/1998
Contact Energy Limited Enerco New Zealand Limited 16/11/1998 Cleared 10/12/1998
Western Bay Health Limited Eastbay Health Limited 02/11/1998 Cleared: 19/11/1998
Natural Gas Corporation of New Zealand Powerco Limited (Pukeariki Holdings Limited) 13/10/1998 Cleared: 11/11/1998
Independent Newspapers Limited The Marlborough Express Newspaper Company Limited 14/09/1998 Cleared 02/10/1998
Confidential 14/07/1998 Withdrawn
Agri-Feeds Ltd (Wrightsons Ltd) Independent Molasses Ltd 30/06/1998 Cleared 10/07/1998
Heinz-Wattie Limited (H.J. Heinz Company (USA)) Eta Foods (Salad Dressing Business) (Griffins Foods Limited) 17/06/1998 Cleared 07/07/1998
Mainland Products Ltd (Kiwi Co-operative Dairies Ltd) South Island Dairy Farmers Co-operative Ltd 21/04/1998 Cleared 15/05/1998
Telecom Corporation New Zealand Ltd Cellnet Mobile Services Ltd (Fisher & Paykel Industries Ltd) 16/04/1998 Cleared: 15/05/1998
Rockgas Ltd (Boral International PTY Ltd and Caltex Petroleum Corporation) Energy Supply Ltd (Transalta New Zealand Ltd) 09/04/1998 Cleared: 24/04/1998
Works Civil Construction Limited Bitumix Limited 26/03/1998 Cleared: 07/04/1998
Look Outdoor and Adshel Street Furniture Ltd 3M Media (Minesota Mining and Manufacturing Company - USA) 10/03/1998 Cleared: 20/03/1998
Yates New Zealand Ltd (Arthur Yates & Co Ltd) Watkins New Zealand Ltd and Smith Horticultural Distributors Ltd (Maine Investments Ltd) 06/03/1998 Cleared: 19/03/1998
Carglass (NZ) Ltd Smith and Smith Glass (Pilkington PLC) 26/02/1998 Cleared 12/03/1998
NZ Bus Ltd Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd (Yellow Bus Company) 12/02/1998 Declined: 24/02/1998
Mercury Energy Ltd Power New Zealand Ltd 11/02/1998 Cleared 26/02/1998
Richmond Ltd Lowe Walker NZ Ltd 29/01/1998 Cleared: 11/02/1998
Dutch Merge Co NV Wolters Kluwer, Reed Elsevier 19/01/1998 Cleared 29/01/1998
Nuplex Industries Ltd Australian Chemical Holdings Ltd 10/12/1997 Cleared: 23/12/1997
Cremation Society of Canterbury Harewood Crematorium Ltd 24/11/1997 Cleared 03/12/1997
Tip Top Ice Cream Co New American Ice Cream 21/11/1997 Declined 19/12/1997 and Cleared 07/09/1998
Sealed Air (USA) Ltd W R Grace NZ Ltd 03/11/1997 Cleared: 27/11/1997
Rockgas Ltd Gas Again Supply Corp Ltd 22/09/1997 Cleared: 02/10/1997
Mentec Ltd Annett & Darling Ltd 18/09/1997 Cleared: 02/10/1997
Food Solutions Ltd Huttons NZ Ltd/Best Corporation Ltd 16/09/1997 Cleared 29/09/1997
Gerrard Signode Carter Holt Harvey Strapping Systems 02/09/1997 Cleared 16/09/1997
Guiness PLC Grand Metropolitan PLC 25/08/1997 Cleared 08/09/1997
Thorn Rental Trading Inc Group Rental NZ Ltd 12/08/1997 Cleared: 25/08/1997
Telarc New Zealand Ltd Standards New Zealand (Management System Certification Division) 21/07/1997 Cleared: 31/07/1997
Bulmer Trading (NZ) Co Ltd Harvest Wine Company Ltd 12/07/1997 Cleared 22/07/1997
South Island Dairy Farmers Ltd Westport United Dairies Ltd 03/07/1997 Cleared: 03/07/1997
General Electric Company Chep Handling Systems Ltd 09/06/1997 Cleared 18/06/1997
Holdco (Mercury Energy Ltd and Utilicorp) Power New Zealand Ltd 06/06/1997 Cleared 27/06/1997
New Zealand Post (New Zealand Government) Freightways Ltd: Express Parcel Services Businesses 30/05/1997 Cleared 16/06/1997
Goodman Fielder Ltd Defiance Mills Ltd 30/05/1997 Cleared 17/06/1997
South Island Dairy Farmers Ltd Grey District Co-operative Milk Producers Association Ltd and its Wholly owned subsidiary Scenicland Milk and Cream Ltd 29/05/1997 Cleared: 03/07/1997
The Procter and Gamble Company Tambrands Inc 14/05/1997 Cleared: 28/05/1997
The Radio Network Ltd C93FM (Christchurch) Ltd 12/05/1997 Declined: 26/05/1997
Gate Gourmet International AG (SwissAir) Air New Zealand - Flight Catering Division 24/04/1997 Cleared 01/05/1997
Coats Spencer Crafts Ltd (Coats Patons Pty Ltd and Coats Patons (NZ) Ltd/Alliance Textiles (NZ) Ltd (50/50)) Alliance Textiles (NZ) Ltd/Coats Patons (NZ) Ltd(Family Trust of PA Spencer (Alliance/Coats Viyella plc)) 15/04/1997 Cleared 08/05/1997
Caroma Industries (NZ) Ltd (GWA International Ltd (Australia)) James Hardie Buildings Products Ltd (Bathroom products operation) (James Hardie Industries Ltd (Australia)) 04/04/1997 Cleared 30/04/1997
Tranzrich Travel Ltd Guthreys Intercity Coach Services Ltd 26/03/1997 Cleared 11/04/1997
Wilson Parking NZ (1992) Ltd Wellington City Council(Car Parking Services) 25/03/1997 Cleared: 16/04/1997
Newmans International Ltd Taura Natural Foods Ltd 17/03/1997 Cleared: 27/03/1997
The Radio Network of NZ Ltd C93FM (Christchurch) Ltd 13/03/1997 Declined: 27/03/1997
Goodman Fielder Ltd Defiance Mills Ltd 11/03/1997 Declined 14/04/1997
Wilson Parking NZ (1992) Ltd(Kwok Family) Wellington City Council (Car Parking Services) 04/03/1997 Declined: 18/03/1997
PRI Flight Catering Ltd(Pacific Rim Investments Ltd) Air New Zealand Ltd(Flight Catering Business) 26/02/1997 Declined: 03/12/1997
New Juice Ltd Rio Beverages Ltd and Cerebos Greggs Ltd(David Thexton Family Trust - Rio; Cerebos Pacific Ltd - Cerebos Greggs) 21/01/1997 Cleared: 30/01/1997
Alliance Textiles NZ Ltd(PA Spencer Family Trust) BTR Operations NZ Ltd(BTR Nylex plc (UK)) 17/12/1996 Cleared 14/01/1997
Wilson Parking NZ (1992) Ltd(Wilson Parking Holdings Ltd (Singapore)) Mainzeal Property and Construction Ltd(Mainzeal Parking Division) 05/12/1996 N/A
NZ Bakels Ltd (Emu AG (Switzerland)) Abels (1995) Ltd(Aspak Foods Ltd) 11/11/1996 Cleared: 21/11/1996
The Radio Network of NZ Ltd The Prospect Companies (GWR plc) 31/10/1996 Cleared: 13/11/1996
CentralPower Ltd Electro Power Ltd 30/10/1996 Cleared 14/11/1996
Tip Top Ice Cream Company Ltd (Heinz-Wattie Ltd) New American Ice Cream Ltd (NZ Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd) 16/10/1996 Cleared
Bridgestone Corporation (Japan) Bridgestone Tyres (NZ) Ltd 02/10/1996 Cleared 16/10/1996
Blue Star Group Ltd (US Office Products) General Packaging Ltd (The Denis Crampsie Family Trust) 02/10/1996 Cleared 16/10/1996
Mainland Products Ltd Kiwi Co-operative Dairies Ltd 02/10/1996 Cleared: 15/10/1996
The New Zealand Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd Bay Milk Products Ltd 13/09/1996 Cleared: 27/09/1996
Gardner Smith (NZ) Ltd (Gardner Smith Pty Ltd (Australia)) Bulk Storage Terminals Ltd (Burns Philp & Co Ltd; Australia) 11/09/1996 Declined 04/10/96
Tip Top Ice Cream Company Ltd (Heinz-Wattie Ltd) New American Ice Cream Ltd (NZ Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd) 05/09/1996 Declined
The Radio Network of NZ Ltd Fifeshire FM Broadcasters Ltd 30/08/1996 Declined: 04/10/1996
Cheetham Salt Ltd (Ridley Corporation Ltd (Australia)) Dominion Salt LtdDominion Salt (NI) LtdCerebos Skellerup Ltd 28/08/1996 Cleared 09/11/1996
The New Zealand Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd East Tamaki Dairy Company Ltd 20/08/1996 Cleared: 02/09/1996
Powerco Ltd Egmont Electricity Ltd 15/08/1996 Withdrawn: 01/09/1996
Bay of Plenty Fertiliser Co-operative Ltd Southfert Co-operative Ltd 14/08/1996 Cleared 28/08/1996
Gardner Smith (NZ) Ltd (Gardner Smith Pty Ltd (Australia)) Bulk Storage Terminals Ltd (Burns Philp and Co Ltd) 24/07/1996 Declined 15/08/1996
Gordon and Gotch NZ Ltd Network Distributors Ltd 19/07/1996 Cleared 02/08/1996
Kiwi Co-operative Dairies Ltd Tui Milk Products Ltd 19/07/1996 Cleared 15/08/1996
Rockgas Ltd(Boral Gas Industries Ltd (50%)Caltex Gas Industries Ltd (50%)) Liquigas Ltd 28/06/1996 Cleared: 11/07/1996
Tranzrich Travel Ltd (Tranzit Group Ltd (50%) and Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd (50%) Bayline Group Ltd 13/06/1996 Cleared 26/06/1996
Frucor Holdings Ltd and Frucor Beverages Ltd (NZ Apple and Pear Marketing Board) Dew Drop Juices Ltd (Berrivale Orchards Ltd (Australia)) 12/06/1996 Cleared 26/06/1996
Newco [a company to be formed] (Marlborough Electric Ltd and Tasman Energy Ltd) Nelson Electricity Ltd 29/05/1996 Cleared 17/06/1996
Queenstown Rafts Ltd Kawarau Raft Expeditions Ltd; Makin' waves The Rafting Company Ltd; Adventure Discovery Ltd 22/05/1996 Cleared: 29/05/1996
Air New Zealand Ltd Ansett Holdings Ltd and Bodas Pty Ltd 20/05/1996 Cleared 04/06/1996
The News Corporation Ltd Ansett New Zealand Ltd(Ansett Holdings Ltd) 20/05/1996 Cleared: 04/06/96
Rockgas Ltd(Boral Gas Industries Ltd and Caltex Gas NZ Ltd) BP Oil NZ Ltd(LPG Distribution) 06/05/1996 Cleared: 29/05/96
Westpac Holdings NZ Ltd(Westpac Banking Corporation) Trust Bank New Zealand Ltd 29/04/1996 Cleared: 08/05/1996
Wrightsons Ltd Hodder and Tolley Ltd 16/04/1996 Cleared: 30/04/1996
Marlborough Electric Ltd and Tasman Energy Ltd Marlborough Electric Ltd and Tasman Energy Ltd 18/03/1996 Cleared 28/03/1996
Kiwi Co-operative Dairies Ltd Hawkes Bay Milk Producers Co-operative Ltd 15/03/1996 Cleared 29/03/1996
GWR Group plc The Radio Company Ltd (The Crown) 19/02/1996 Cleared 21/03/1996
Bay of Plenty Fertiliser Ltd Southfert Ltd 13/02/1996 Cleared 27/02/1996
New Zealand Radio Network Ltd (Australian Radio Network Pty Ltd and Wilson and Horton Ltd) The Radio Company Ltd (The Crown) 07/02/1996 Cleared 23/02/1996
Newco EnergyDirect Corporation Ltd and Capital Power Ltd or Capital Energy Ltd(Capital Power Ltd - Wellington City Council) 14/12/1995 Cleared: 08/02/1996
Australian Consolidated Press NZ Ltd (Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd) Wilson and Horton Ltd [Magazine Division] 05/12/1995 Cleared 21/12/1995
Wormald NZ Ltd(Tyco Group) Carbonic Industries Ltd[Fire Equipment Division](Asco Kohlensaure AG (Switzerland)) 06/11/1995 Cleared: 17/11/1995
Carter Holt Harvey Ltd (International Paper Company) Forestry Corporation of NZ Ltd (The Crown) 03/11/1995 Cleared 12/12/1995
United Environment Group Ltd(Nuplex Industries Ltd) Waste Management NZ Ltd 19/10/1995 Cleared: 02/11/1995
Horizon Pacific Television Ltd(Television NZ Ltd) CTV Holdings Ltd 16/10/1995 Cleared 09/11/1995
J Wattie Foods Ltd (H J Heinz Co (USA)) Kraft General Foods NZ Ltd (Philip Morris Companies Inc (USA)) 28/09/1995 Cleared 03/10/1995
Karamea Holdings Ltd (Tiong Group (Malaysia)) Salmond Smith Biolab Ltd 26/09/1995 Cleared 10/10/1995
Aspak Foods Ltd Abels Division (Unilever NZ Ltd)(Unilever Group) 20/09/1995 Cleared 12/10/1995
Power New Zealand Ltd Taupo Electricity Ltd 25/08/1995 Cleared: 06/09/1995
Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission Salmond Smith Biolab Ltd 16/08/1995 Cleared: 07/09/1995
TrustPower Ltd Taupo Electricity Ltd and Taupo Generation Ltd 16/08/1995 Cleared: 28/08/1995
Alcan New Zealand Ltd Comalco Carter Holt Harvey Aluminium 10/08/1995 Cleared 24/08/1995
Hawkes Bay Power Ltd and Hawkes Bay Power Distribution Taupo Electricity Ltd and Taupo Generation Ltd 07/08/1995 Cleared 17/08/1995
Quantrix Consultants Ltd(Invacare Corporation (USA)) Group Pharmaceutical Ltd(Mr K R Noble) 04/08/1995 Cleared: 18/08/1995
Bay of Plenty Electricity Ltd Taupo Electricity Ltd and Taupo Generation Ltd (Taupo District Council) 03/08/1995 Cleared 18/08/1995
Rockgas Ltd(Boral Gas Industries (50%)Caltex Gas NZ Ltd (50%)) Christchurch Gas Holdings Ltd - LPG Alpine Gas Ltd(Fyvie Management Ltd (for Christchurch Holdings) [Alpine Energy Ltd (50% of shares in Alpine Gas Ltd/Christchurch Gas Holdings (50% of shares in Alpine Gas Ltd)) 26/07/1995 Cleared: 08/08/1995
Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Ltd Sky Network Television Ltd(HKP Partnership of New Zealand) 11/07/1995 Cleared: 26/09/1995
Bowater Print and Packaging Ltd (Bowater Group of Companies) ANZPAC Services (New Zealand) Ltd(Rothmans Holdings (New Zealand) Ltd)) 07/07/1995 Cleared 21/07/1995
Norton NZ (Operations) Ltd(Norton Foreign Affiliates Holdings (USA) Ltd) Norton (NZ) Ltd/Artec Holdings Ltd 16/06/1995 Cleared: 28/06/1995
Wilson and Horton Ltd Northern Publishing Co Ltd 12/05/1995 Cleared: 26/05/1995
Mergeco (Taranaki Energy Ltd/Powerco Ltd) Taranaki Energy Ltd and Powerco Ltd (Taranaki Energy Ltd/New Plymouth District Council) 11/05/1995 Cleared 26/05/1995
CentralPower Ltd Wairarapa Electricity Ltd 11/05/1995 Cleared 26/05/1995
Pilkington (NZ) Ltd(Pilkington plc (U K)) (a) Smith & Smith Glass Ltd (b) Sauvarins Ltd (c) Norm Fowke Glass(Carter Holt Harvey) 11/04/1995 Cleared: 27/04/1995
GEC Alsthom NZ Ltd(GEC Alsthom NV; Amsterdam) Powermark NZ Ltd(Electricity Corporation of NZ Ltd) 21/03/1995 Cleared 30/03/1995
Port of Wellington Ltd(Wellington Regional Council) Container Terminals Ltd 15/03/1995 Cleared: 12/04/1995
Television NZ Ltd(The Crown) UHF Licences Ltd(The Crown) 10/03/1995 Cleared: 22/03/1995
Able Cooke (NZ) Ltd (National Consolidated) Wiremakers Ltd (Fletcher Challenge Ltd) 07/03/1995 Cleared 16/03/1995
Armourguard Security Ltd (Freightways Ltd) Securitas Ltd (Tempo International Ltd) 13/02/1995 Cleared 23/02/1995
F W McDowall The Mount Cook Group Ltd and Mount Cook Freightlines Ltd (Road Freights Businesses) 26/01/1995 Cleared 01/02/1995
Power NZ Ltd EnergyDirect Corporation Ltd 10/11/1994 Cleared: 25/11/1994
Mercury Energy Ltd Power NZ Ltd 31/10/1994 Cleared 12/12/1994
Newco Ltd (Power NZ Ltd/EnergyDirect Corporation Ltd/Wel Energy Group Ltd) Capital Power Ltd (Wellington City Council) 18/10/1994 Cleared 04/11/1994
EnergyDirect Corporation Ltd Capital Power Ltd (Capital Holdings Ltd) 02/09/1994 Cleared 30/09/1994
Trustpower Ltd(Tauranga Power Trust) Rotorua Electricity Ltd 26/08/1994 Cleared: 08/09/1994
Sepco Holdings Ltd Mt Hutt Ski And Alpine Tourist Co Ltd(Victoria USA Inc) 04/08/1994 Cleared: 21/04/1994
Rotorua Electricity Ltd Bay Of Plenty Electricity Ltd 02/08/1994 Cleared: 15/08/1994
Gardner Smith NZ Ltd (Gardner Smith Pty Ltd; Sydney) NZ Portside Storage Ltd 21/07/1994 Cleared 28/07/1994
Fullers Group Ltd Subritzky Shipping Line Ltd And Waiheke Freight Distributors Ltd 30/06/1994 N/A
Alliance Group Ltd Fortex Group Ltd 13/06/1994 Cleared 23/06/1994
Primary Producers Co-Operative Society Ltd Fortex Group Ltd 25/05/1994 Cleared: 09/06/1994
The Power Company Ltd And Electricity Invercargill Ltd Powernet Ltd 02/03/1994 Withdrawn
Mainfreight Transport Ltd Daily Freightways Ltd ANC Chemcourier Services Ltd 21/02/1994 Cleared: 03/03/1994
United Electricity Ltd Alpine Energy Ltd 17/12/1993 Cleared: 18/01/1994
United Electricity Ltd The Power Company Ltd 17/12/1993 Cleared: 18/01/1994
Baycorp Holdings Ltd Creditcorp Holdings Ltd 22/11/1993 Cleared 02/12/1993
Mainstream Foods Ltd Food Supplies Ltd 26/10/1993 Cleared: 09/11/1993
United Electricity Ltd (Dunedin Electricity And Electricity Invercargill Ltd) (A) Dunedin Electricity Ltd And (B) Electricity Invercargill Ltd ((A) Dunedin City Council (B) Invercargill City Council) 18/10/1993 Cleared 29/10/1993
Hoyts NZ Cinemas; An Unincorporated Joint Venture Between (A) Hoyts Cinemas (NZ) Ltd And (B) Endeavour Multiplex Ltd ((A) Fink Family Trust (B) Plowman Family Trust) Dunedin Multiplex Ltd (Octagon Multiplex Ltd) 01/10/1993 Cleared 14/10/1993
Whitcoulls Group Ltd Croxley Collins Olympic(Spicers Paper (NZ) Ltd) 29/09/1993 Cleared 15/10/1993
Amcor Ltd North Broken Hill NZ Ltd (Trading As The Paper House) (North Broken Hill Peko Ltd) 20/09/1993 Cleared 04/10/1993
Independent Newspapers Ltd Nelson Evening Mail Ltd; The (Lucas Media Ltd) 23/08/1993 Cleared 06/09/1993
Southern Cross Medical Care Society First Medical Corporation Ltd 17/08/1993 Cleared 26/08/1993
CSR; Mackay Co-Op; Ed & F Man Joint Venture NZ Sugar Company Ltd 09/08/1993 Cleared 23/08/1993
NZ Rural Press Ltd(Rural Press Ltd) Trade Publications Ltd 15/07/1993 Cleared: 21/07/1993
Port Of Tauranga & Others NZ Rail Ltd(The Crown) 30/06/1993 Cleared: 01/07/1993
Cryptic Investments Ltd NZ Rail Ltd (The Crown) 30/06/1993 Cleared 01/07/1993
Fay Richwhite & Co Ltd NZ Rail Ltd (The Crown) 29/06/1993 Cleared 01/07/1993
The Morgan Stanley Leveraged Equity Fund NZ Rail Ltd(The Crown) 28/06/1993 Cleared: 01/07/1993
Brierley Investments Ltd NZ Rail Ltd (The Crown) 24/06/1993 Cleared 30/06/1993
Foodland (NZ) Holdings Ltd (Foodland Associated Ltd Western Australia) Progressive Enterprises Ltd 22/06/1993 Cleared 01/07/1993
Mainfreight Transport Ltd NZ Rail Ltd(The Crown) 22/06/1993 Cleared: 30/06/1993
Port Of Tauranga & Others NZ Rail Ltd(The Crown) 18/06/1993 Withdrawn: 30/06/1993
Port Of Wellington/Port Of Auckland NZ Rail Ltd(The Crown) 18/06/1993 Cleared: 01/07/1993
Progressive Enterprises Ltd (Foodland Associated Ltd - Western Australia) FAL (NZ) Ltd 18/06/1993 Cleared 01/07/1993
Anschutz Corporation NZ Rail Ltd (The Crown) 18/06/1993 Cleared 30/06/1993
Fujitsu NZ Ltd Southmark Computers Ltd 16/06/1993 Cleared 23/06/1993
Sea Containers Ltd NZ Rail Ltd(The Crown) 14/06/1993 Cleared: 24/06/1993
Palmers Garden Centres Ltd Sunhill Garden Centre (Pakuranga) Ltd 03/06/1993 Cleared: 16/06/1993
Telecom Australia (NZ) Ltd Tacs B Radio Spectrum 01/06/1993 Cleared: 11/06/1993
TNL Group Ltd Irvines Freightlines Ltd 24/05/1993 Cleared: 03/06/1993
Tourism Flightseeing(The Mount Cook Group Ltd/Fiordland Travel Ltd) The Mount Cook Group Ltd/Fiordland Travel Ltd 05/05/1993 Cleared: 19/05/1993
South Canterbury Electric Power Board Timaru District Council Med 30/04/1993 Cleared 13/05/1993
Freightways Corporation Ltd NZ Rail 29/04/1993 Cleared 28/05/1993
Harlow Butler (NZ) Ltd (James Barlow Holding Ltd) Fixed Interest Securities (NZ) Ltd 31/03/1993 Cleared 07/04/1993
Tasman Milk Products Ltd Nelson Co-Operative Milk Producers Association Ltd 15/03/1993 Cleared: 25/03/1993
Stevens KMS Corporation Ltd Community Pharmacy Ltd 26/02/1993 Cleared: 31/03/1993
Wellington Combined Taxis Black; White & Grey Cabs Ltd And Wellington Taxi Society Ltd 17/02/1993 Cleared: 26/02/1993
Huttons Kiwi Ltd (Brierley Investments) AFFCO Meats Ltd (Tenderkist Business) 02/02/1993 Cleared 10/02/1993
Quality Bakers NZ Ltd (Goodman Fielder Ltd) Tokoroa Bakery Ltd (Freshbake Wairarapa Ltd) 29/01/1993 Cleared 11/02/1993
Butler (1992) Ltd (Sulkem Company Ltd) Gibsons And Paterson (NZ) Ltd (Ceramco Corporation Ltd) 09/12/1992 Cleared 16/12/1992
Keystone Pacific Pty Ltd (NSW) (Keystone International Inc) Nortrac Engineering Ltd 04/12/1992 Cleared 16/12/1992
Kodak NZ Ltd(Eastman Kodak Company New York) Chromatek Color Laboratories Ltd 02/12/1992 Cleared: 16/12/1992
The National Bank Of NZ Ltd Rural Bank Ltd(Fletcher Challenge Ltd) 27/11/1992 Cleared: 09/12/1992
Wilson & Horton Ltd The Bay Of Plenty Times Ltd 24/11/1992 Cleared: 10/12/1992
Confidential 05/11/1992 Withdrawn 13/11/1992
Sombar Enterprises Ltd FTC Holdings Ltd 20/10/1992 Cleared: 03/11/1992
Aklaw Number Thirty Nine Ltd (Sydney Futures Exchange Ltd) NZ Futures & Options Exchange 15/10/1992 Cleared 22/10/1992
Pacific Dunlop Holdings (NZ) Ltd(Pacific Dunlop Ltd) Wattie Foods Ltd(Goodman Fielder Wattie Ltd) 23/09/1992 Cleared: 02/10/1992
Turnberry Properties Ltd(Alliance Group Ltd/Phoenix Meat Company Ltd Atas Beef Packers 22/09/1992 Cleared: 06/10/1992
Wilson & Horton Ltd Bowater Print & Packaging Ltd Bankprint Division(Bowater Group) 21/09/1992 Cleared: 01/10/1992
National Australia Group (NZ) Ltd(National Australia Bank Ltd) Bank Of NZ Ltd 31/07/1992 Cleared: 12/08/1992
Wellington City Transport Ltd Cityline Hutt Valley (NZ Railways Corporation) 24/07/1992 Cleared: 06/08/1992
GFW Agri-Products Ltd (Goodman Fielder Wattie Ltd) Table Talk Chicken Ltd (GFW Agri-Products Ltd/Poultrymens Co-Op Ltd) 09/07/1992 Cleared 23/07/1992
Gulf Ferries Ltd Seaflight Cruises (1990) Ltd (Pacifica Shipping (1985) Ltd) 05/06/1992 Cleared 19/06/1992
Sonoco NZ Ltd(Sonoco Products Company Ltd Of Hartsville; USA) Dominion Containers Ltd(Roger W Scherer Ltd) 03/04/1992 Cleared: 21/04/1992
Foodstuffs (Wellington) Co-Operative Society Ltd Countdown Foodmarkets Ltd (Magnum Corporation Ltd) 02/04/1992 Declined 15/04/1992
Foodstuffs (Wellington) Co-Operative Society Ltd Countdown Foodmarkets Ltd (Magnum Corporation Ltd) 02/04/1992 Declined 15/04/1992
Foodstuffs (Wellington) Co-Operative Society Ltd Countdown Foodmarkets Ltd (Magnum Corporation Ltd) 01/04/1992 Cleared 15/04/1992
Advantage Holdings Ltd (Ernslaw One Ltd) The Crown 27/03/1992 Cleared 01/04/1992
Tasman Steel Holdings Ltd(The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Ltd) NZ Steel Holdings Ltd 25/03/1992 Cleared: 08/04/1992
Wenita Forestry Ltd(Wenita Ltd) The Crown 24/03/1992 Cleared: 14/04/1992
Ernslaw One Ltd (Rimbunan Hijau Group) NZ Timberlands Ltd (The Crown) 18/03/1992 Cleared 01/04/1992
Rayonier NZ Ltd(ITT Corporation) NZ Timberlands Ltd(The Crown) 16/03/1992 Cleared: 27/03/1992
Steel & Tube Holdings Ltd Stewart Steel Ltd 13/03/1992 Cleared: 27/03/1992
Dick Smith Electronics (NZ) Ltd (The Adelaide Steamship Company Ltd) David Reid (NZ) Ltd (D J Reid (NZ) Ltd) 13/03/1992 Cleared 26/03/1992
The Christchurch Press Company Ltd (Independent Newspapers Ltd) Christchurch Midweek Mail Ltd 03/03/1992 Cleared 17/03/1992
Foodstuffs (South Island) Ltd Countdown Foodmarkets Ltd (Magnum Corp) 28/02/1992 Declined 03/04/1992
Foodstuffs (Wellington) Co-Operative Society Ltd Countdown Foodmarkets Ltd (Magnum Corp) 20/02/1992 Declined 25/03/1992
Tirano Corporation Ltd(Corporate Investments Ltd) Gullivers Travel International Ltd/Api Travel Group Ltd 18/02/1992 Cleared: 27/02/1992
Regal Salmon Ltd The NZ Salmon Company Ltd 04/02/1992 Cleared: 13/02/1992
Kiwi Co-Operative Dairies Ltd Moa-Nui Co-Operative Dairies Ltd 30/01/1992 Declined 14/02/1992
Waste Management NZ Ltd(Waste Management Inc) Trashways Bin Services Ltd 23/01/1992 Cleared: 04/02/1992
Phoenix Meat Company Ltd Atas Beef Packers Ltd 21/01/1992 Cleared: 04/02/1992
Turners & Growers Ltd Mg Marketing Ltd(Market Gardeners Ltd) 15/01/1992 Cleared: 05/02/1992
NZ Rural Press Ltd(Rural Press Ltd) Insight Publications Ltd 24/12/1991 Cleared: 14/01/1992
Phoenix Meat Company Ltd Alliance Group Ltd 05/12/1991 Cleared: 18/12/1991
Porritts & Spencer Ltd(Scapa Group PLC) URE Pacific Traders Ltd 29/11/1991 Cleared: 12/12/1991
Synet Communications (1990) Ltd(NZ Post Ltd) The Telegram Company (Netway Communications Ltd) 18/11/1991 Cleared: 28/11/1991
Industrial Equity Ltd Botannix Garden Centre Ltd 25/10/1991 Withdrawn 04/11/1991
Magnum Corporation Ltd Flanagans Wholesaler Liquor (Cambridge) 23/10/1991 Cleared: 29/10/1991
Bop Fertiliser Ltd (Bay Of Plenty Of Co-Operative Fertiliser Company Ltd (60%) Fernz Corporation Ltd (40%) Kapuni Plant Leasing Ltd(Fletcher Challenge Ltd) 22/10/1991 Cleared 14/11/1991
Waste Management NZ Ltd(Waste Management Inc) Hirepool Auckland Ltd(Owens Group Ltd) 21/10/1991 Cleared: 23/10/1991
Hawkes Bay Electric Power Board Napier City Council 10/10/1991 Cleared 22/10/1991
Mayview Holdings Ltd Tourist Hotel Corporation Of NZ Ltd(Southern Pacific Hotel Corporation) 09/10/1991 Cleared: 17/10/1991
Aklaw Number Thirty Nine Ltd (Sydney Futures Exchange Ltd) NZ Futures & Options Exchange Ltd 02/10/1991 Cleared 15/10/1991
Repco Merchants Ltd(Pacific Dunlop Ltd) JRA (NZ) Ltd(JRA Holdings Ltd) 19/09/1991 Cleared: 27/09/1991
South Island Dairy Farmers Ltd The North Otago Co-Operative Milk Supply Company Ltd(Tasman Agriculture Ltd) 16/09/1991 Cleared: 30/09/1991
Lanes Industries Ltd(Brierley Investments Ltd) Botannix Garden Centres Ltd In Statutory Management(Ararimu Holdings Ltd) In Statutory Management 04/09/1991 Cleared: 11/09/1991
Newco (Lion Nathan Ltd/Hiram Walker - Allied Vintners Ltd/International Distillers & Vintners Ltd) NZ Wines & Spirits Ltd/JV Exports Ltd/Bondpak NZ Ltd/Seagar Evans & Co (NZ) Ltd(Lion Nathan Ltd) 22/08/1991 Cleared 04/09/1991
Pyne Gould Corporation Reid Farmers Ltd 19/08/1991 Cleared: 28/08/1991
Pyne Gould Corporation Apple Fields Ltd 19/08/1991 Cleared: 28/08/1991
Rank Group Ltd Whitcoulls Group Ltd/Officecorp Holdings Ltd(Brierley Investments Ltd) 16/08/1991 Cleared: 22/08/1991
Pyne Gould Corporation Amuri Corporation 12/08/1991 Cleared: 16/08/1991
Tasman Forestry Ltd (Fletcher Challenge Ltd) The Crown/The Forestry Corporation Of NZ Ltd 29/07/1991 Cleared 08/08/1991
McBreen Jenkins Construction Ltd Far North District Council 29/07/1991 Cleared 05/08/1991
Works Civil Construction Ltd(Works & Development Services Corporation (NZ) Ltd) Far North District Council 29/07/1991 Cleared: 05/08/1991
Allied Foods Co Ltd(George Weston Foods Ltd) Norths Bakery Ltd & Others 25/07/1991 Cleared 29/07/1991
Independent Newspapers Ltd Kapiti Mail Ltd (Lucas Media Ltd) 23/07/1991 Cleared 29/07/1991
Richard Cavalier Ltd (Richard Cavalier Holdings Ltd) EBOS Group Ltd 22/07/1991 Cleared 31/07/1991
South Island Dairy Farmers Ltd North Otago Co-Operative Milk Supply Company Ltd(Tasman Agriculture Ltd) 19/07/1991 Declined: 02/08/1991
Allied Foods Co Ltd (George Weston Foods Ltd) Norths Bakery (Auckland) Ltd 18/07/1991 Cleared 29/07/1991
Bellsouth NZ Ltd (Bellsouth Enterprises Inc) The Crown 16/07/1991 Cleared 23/07/1991
Telecom Corporation Of NZ Ltd Netway Communications Ltd(Telecom Corporation Of NZ Ltd/Freightways Services) 15/07/1991 Cleared: 25/07/1991
Christchurch Press Co Ltd (The) (Independent Newspaper Services Ltd) Christchurch Midweek Mail (The) (Christchurch Press Co Ltd (The)) 05/07/1991 Withdrawn 19/07/1991
Monier Brickmakers Ltd (CSR Ltd/Redland International Ltd) Lifestyle Roofing Ltd 28/06/1991 Cleared 19/07/1991
Sky Network Television Ltd(HKP Partners Of NZ Ltd) Sophomore Holdings Ltd 26/06/1991 Cleared 17/07/1991
Hermes Precisa (NZ) Ltd (Hermes Precisa Australia Ltd) Vogel Computing Services (Works Computing Services Ltd) 26/06/1991 Cleared 02/07/1991
Kidd Garrett Holdings Ltd (Brierley Investments Ltd) Paykel Engineering Ltd (Renouf Corporation Ltd) 24/06/1991 Cleared 02/07/1991
North Auckland Electric Power Board Whangarei District Council 17/06/1991 Cleared: 28/06/1991
Salmond Smith Biolab Ltd Ocean Ranch Ltd 17/06/1991 Cleared: 27/06/1991
Liberty Holdings Ltd Fourth Estate Holdings Ltd(John Fairfax Group Pty Ltd) 14/06/1991 Cleared: 25/06/1991
Repco Merchants Ltd(Pacific Dunlop Ltd) John Edmond Ltd(Donaghy's Ltd) 13/06/1991 Cleared: 25/06/1991
Gestetner Holding BV U-Bix Business Machines Ltd 12/06/1991 Cleared 25/06/1991
Waste Management NZ Ltd(Waste Management Inc) Taspac Waste Ltd 10/06/1991 Cleared: 19/06/1991
Telecom Corporation Of NZ Ltd(Ameritech Corporation/Bell Atlantic Corporation) Comtel Communications Ltd(Telecom Corporation Of NZ Ltd) 21/05/1991 Cleared: 29/05/1991
Stevens Pharmaceuticals (NZ) Ltd(Stevens KMS Corporation) Reid Pharmaceuticals Ltd 15/05/1991 Cleared: 22/05/1991
Natural Gas Corporation(Petroleum Corporation Of NZ Ltd) Welgas Holdings Ltd(Brierley Investments Ltd) 08/05/1991 Declined: 22/05/1991
HKP Partners Of NZ (Bell; Ameritech; Heybrook; Versoix) Sky Network Television Ltd 03/05/1991 Cleared 17/05/1991
Reid Farmers Ltd Elders Pastoral Ltd(Fosters Brewing Group Ltd) 24/04/1991 Cleared: 08/05/1991
Southland Farmers Co-Operative Association Ltd Elders Pastoral Ltd(Fosters Brewing Group Ltd) 23/04/1991 Cleared: 08/05/1991
Pyne Gould Guiness(Pyne Gould Corporation) Elders Pastoral Ltd(Fosters Brewing Group Ltd) 23/04/1991 Cleared: 08/05/1991
Village Roadshow Ltd(Village Roadshow Corporation Ltd) Pacer Kerridge Corporation 22/04/1991 Cleared: 03/05/1991
Dynochem NZ Ltd (Dyno Industries AB) A C Hatrick (NZ) Ltd (Hercules Inc) 18/04/1991 Cleared 01/05/1991
The Crown BNZ Capital Issue Ltd(Bank Of NZ) 18/04/1991 Cleared: 30/04/1991
Carter Holt Harvey Timber Ltd (Carter Holt Harvey Ltd) Fletcher Wood Panels Ltd (Fletcher Challenge Ltd) 22/03/1991 Cleared 16/04/1991
Ambreed NZ Ltd (NZ Dairy Board) Wrightson Breeding Services (Fletcher Challenge Ltd) 21/03/1991 Cleared 05/04/1991
Wilson & Horton Ltd Pillow Publishing & Printing Ltd 13/03/1991 Cleared: 21/03/1991
Interchange & Settlement Ltd (ANZ; BNZ; ASB; Trustbank; Westpac; National Bank) Data Bank Systems Ltd (ANZ; BNZ; National Bank; Westpac) 01/03/1991 Cleared 14/03/1991
Sanford Ltd Skeggs Seafoods Ltd(Wilson Neil Ltd) 01/03/1991 Cleared: 07/03/1991
Ex Static Society Inc The Crown 11/02/1991 Cleared 21/02/1991
Fifeshire FM Broadcasters Ltd The Crown 11/02/1991 Cleared 21/02/1991
Greater Wellington FM Ltd The Crown 29/01/1991 Cleared 08/02/1991
NZ Post Ltd Speedlink Business(NZ Railways Corporation) 29/01/1991 Cleared: 08/02/1991
(JV) Brierley Investments Ltd/Sea Holdings Property Owing Company 24/01/1991 Cleared 05/02/1991
Westpac Banking Corporation South Bank Ltd(ex Southland Building & Investment Society) 16/01/1991 Cleared: 24/01/1991
Radio NZ Ltd The Crown 07/01/1991 Cleared: 13/02/1991
Confidential Withdrawn 09/09/1996
Confidential Cleared 08/12/1995
Confidential Withdrawn 18/10/1995
Confidential Withdrawn