Merger Clearances Register

The Merger Clearances Register contains a full list of all applications for clearance received by the Commission, along with written reasons for the Commission's decisions.

Applicant Transferor Registered Status
Rhone Capital LLC Fluidra S.A 05/02/2018 Decision due 5/4/2018
MYOB Group Limited Reckon Limited 29/11/2017 Decision due 19/04/2018
H.J. Heinz Company (New Zealand) Limited Cerebos Gregg's Limited 28/11/2017 Decision due 08/03/18
Daiken New Zealand Limited Dongwha New Zealand Limited 04/10/2017 Decision due 29/03/2018
Trade Me Limited Limelight Software Limited 11/07/2017 Decision due 28/02/2018
Essilor International (Compagnie Générale d’Optique) S.A. and Luxottica Group S.p.A 10/07/2017 Cleared 05/09/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 21
Healthcare of New Zealand Holdings Limited Geneva Healthcare Limited and its related companies, Geneva Clean Limited, My Skill Limited, Geneva Health Technology Limited and Geneva Care Limited 29/06/2017 Cleared 1/09/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 20
Tronox Limited National Titanium Dioxide Company Limited 26/06/2017 Cleared 06/09/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 22
Spark New Zealand Trading Limited TeamTalk Limited 20/03/2017 Withdrawn 13/04/2017
Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited Tower Limited 03/03/2017 Declined 25/07/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 18
Aon New Zealand Fire Protection Inspection Services Limited 08/11/2016 Declined 2/03/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 3
Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH Merial, the animal health business of Sanofi SA 02/08/2016 Cleared 13/09/16 Decision [2016] NZCC 18
Wallace Group Limited Partnership Wallace Corporation Limited, Farm Brands Limited and Keep It Clean Limited 26/07/2016 Cleared 19/10/16. Decision [2016] NZCC 21
Vodafone Europe B.V. Sky Network Television Limited 29/06/2016 Declined 22/02/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 1
Sky Network Television Limited Vodafone Europe B.V. 29/06/2016 Declined 22/02/2017 Decision [2017] NZCC 2
H.B. Fuller Company Australia Pty Limited Advanced Adhesives (New Zealand) Limited 18/02/2016 Cleared 20/04/2016 Decision [2016] NZCC 8
Fletcher Building Holdings New Zealand Limited Higgins Group Holdings Limited 18/02/2016 Cleared 07/07/2016 Decision [2016] NZCC 14
Coty Inc. The Procter and Gamble Company 23/12/2015 Cleared 22/02/2016 Decision [2016] NZCC 4
Spark New Zealand Trading Limited Craig Wireless Spectrum Operations Limited and Woosh Wireless Holdings Limited 18/12/2015 Cleared 23/03/2016 Decision [2016] NZCC 7
Tennex Capital Limited San-i-pak Limited 21/10/2015 Declined 29/02/16 Decision [2016] NZCC 5