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Vikram Mehta

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Parties Vikram Mehta
Sections Crimes Act 66, 240 and Fair Trading Act 21, 40
Description Vikram Mehta, former director of Flexi Buy Limited, has been found guilty under s 240 of the Crimes Act 1961 for aiding Flexi Buy to obtain money by deception by making false representations to customers that their goods would be supplied after they made full or partial payments, knowing that the goods would not be supplied. Charges were also filed under s 21 of the Fair Trading Act 1986 as Mr Mehta aided Flexi Buy to accept payments from customers when at the time of acceptance he either did not intend to supply the goods or did not have reasonable grounds to believe that the goods would be supplied within a reasonable time. Mr Mehta will be sentenced on two charges under s 240 of the Crimes Act.
Resolution Judgment
Year 2016