Anti-competitive practices authorisations register

The Commission publishes a full list of applications for anti-competitive practices authorisations, along with submission documents, and the Commission's final decisions.

Applicant Transferor Registered Status
New Zealand Vegetable Growers Federation Incorporated, New Zealand Fruit Growers Federation Incorporated, New Zealand Berry Fruitgrowers Federation Incorporated, New Zealand Potato Growers Federation Incorporated 01/12/1986 Provisional Authorisation until 30/06/1987. Declined 29/07/1987. Decision Upheld 17/08/1988
Weddel Crown Corporation Limited, Waitaki International, Richmond Limited 24/11/1986 Authorised
Mono Pumps (New Zealand) Limited 06/11/1986 No Jurisdiction
Eastcoast Gas Supply ltd 16/10/1986 Withdrawn 29/01/1987
Dominion Salt (New Zealand) Limited International Raw 13/10/1986 Returned section 60(7) 25/08/1988
New Zealand Medical Association 24/09/1986 No Jurisdiction
New Zealand Carpet Manufacturers Association 08/07/1986 Withdrawn 05/02/1987
Craymac International 23/06/1986 No Jurisdiction
On the Commerce Commission's own motion