Anti-competitive practices authorisations register

The Commission publishes a full list of applications for anti-competitive practices authorisations, along with submission documents, and the Commission's final decisions.

Applicant Transferor Registered Status
Infant Nutrition Council Limited 22/05/2018 Decision due 8/11/2018
Waikato-Bay of Plenty Chicken Growers Association Incorporated (on behalf of its members) 20/09/2017 Authorised 21/12/2017
Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council 18/10/2016 Authorised 24/04/2017
New Zealand Racing Board 03/06/2016 Authorised 29/08/2016
Infant Nutrition Council 25/11/2014 Authorised
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited 13/09/2011 Declined to grant Authorisation
Refrigerant License Trust Board 07/07/2011 Authorised
New Zealand Rugby Football Union Incorporated 21/10/2010 Authorised
New Zealand Rugby Football Union Incorporated 21/12/2006 Authorised
New Zealand Rugby Football Union Incorporated 09/11/2005 Authorised
Todd Petroleum Mining Company Limited / Todd Taranaki Limited 25/08/2005 Declined
Preussage Energie GMBH/Todd (Petroleum Mining Company) Limited/Shell Exploration New Zealand Limited/Shell (Petroleum Mining) Company Limited 23/12/2002 Authorised 01/09/2003. Revoked 02/06/2006
Qantas Airways Limited and Air New Zealand Limited 09/12/2002 Declined
The Marketplace Company 22/05/2002 Declined
The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand 21/12/2001 Draft Determination 26/04/2002. Withdrawn 15/05/2002
Electricity Governance Board Limited 07/12/2001 Authorised
Transpower New Zealand Limited 28/02/1999 Authorised
Newcall Communications Limited,Teamtalk Limited,Telecom New Zealand Limited,Telstra New Zealand Limited,Vodaphone New Zealand Limited, 22/01/1999 Authorised
Transpower New Zealand Limited 02/10/1998 Withdrawn
Central Regional Health Authority 03/02/1997 Withdrawn